Zkteco f18 access control and time attendance terminal

zkteco f18 price

Zkteco f18 access control and time attendance terminal,Zk Teco F18  Easy to use Bio-metric  Terminal for Access control and Time attendance solutions, For office time attendance,

ZKTECO AS A STAND-ALONE TIME ATTENDANCE The ZKTeco ZK F18 Biometric Fingerprint time attendance & Access Control is one of the most used devices in Kenya. This is because of its innovativeness as a bio-metric fingerprint reader for access control application. It comes with inbuilt capability that enables it to offers unparalleled performance by deploying advanced algorithm which increases its reliability. This stand-alone biometric device offers precision and excellent matching speed. It is one of the best Biometric Fingerprint Standalone Access Control as well as the most recommended Time Attendance in Nairobi Kenya. The ZKTeco ZK F18 Biometric Fingerprint access control and time attendance is mostly use in office and business of all sizes. It is a very affordable standalone Fingerprint enabled Access Control solution as well as Time Attendance security control solution. The latest ZKAccess 3.5 is a desktop software is one of the most suitable bio-metric softwares for small and medium businesses application. This software is very Compatible with all ZKAccess standalone reader controllers, the software can simultaneously manage access control and generate attendance report. The brand-new flat GUI design and humanized structure of new ZKAccess 3.5 will make your daily management more pleasant and convenient.

  • Server-Client Administration and Monitoring Software for ZKAccess Standalone Controllers
  • Easy to Use, Menu-Driven Dashboard Displays Quick Links to All Common Operations
  • Real Time Event Monitoring with Door Status Icons & Photo Pop-Ups of personnel
  • Simple Fill-In-the-Blanks Enrollment of Personnel
  • Includes Embedded Fingerprint Registration Tool For using Biometric Readers
  • Can Link Personnel to Photos for Visual Verification
  • Maps and Floorplans Can Be Imported for Site-Specific Door Management
  • Alarms and Exception Events Are Logged with Email Notification
  • Advanced Access Control Features Are Easily Programmed
  • Anti-Passback
  • Door Interlocks for Mantrap Control Applications
  • Multi-Card Opening Groups for High Security Doors
  • One Click Database back-up
  • Detailed User Roles Are Easily Created to Allow Different Levels of Password-Protected Management of the System
  • All software modification actions are internally logged for later review
  • SDK (Software Development Kit) Is Available for Integrating ZKAccess Systems
  • The F18 is an innovative biometric fingerprint & RFID card reader for access control applications.

The zkteco f18 biometric access control device offers flexibility so that it is possible to be installed as a standalone or with any third-party access control controllers that support Wiegand protocol. If used standalone, another Access Control device can be connected as a slave on the other side of the door as shown in the diagram below. ZKTECO AS AN ACCESS CONTROL TERMINAL This is the most used access control device mostly used in hospitals inventories in schools as well as organizational offices.      

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