Yealink Phone price in kenya

Yealink Phone price in kenya,The following is a comprehensive list of prices of yealink IP VOIP phones in Kenya.

The Yealink SIP T21P E2 Entry Level IP Phone is one of the most use IP phones in Kenya. It is developed such that it comes with PoE

The price is KSh6,500.000

Call us and buy the latest Yealink EXP40 LCD Expansion Module at

 KSh15,700.000 and we shall deliver to your door step.

The Yealink SIP IP T21P E2 IP Phone is now found at our online shop in Nairobi Kenya


We also have the best Yealink Enterprise HD IP Phone in Nairobi Kenya. The SIP-T27P is the most used yealink IP phone because it is very affordable it goes for KSh15,500.000.

Call us today and buy the Yealink T19P-E2 IP Phone in Nairobi Kenya at a cost of KSh7,500.000

With the Yealink T23G Gigabit Ip Phone your communicational capability is greatly improved KSh12,000.000.

The Yealink IP SIP T27G IP Phone with a Gigabit Ethernet PoE has the best inbuilt capability at a price KSh16,000.000

With the latest Yealink CP860 VOIP phones in Kenya as the best IP Conference Phone at the most affordable in the market today the price is KSh66,000.000

Buy the most quality Yealink CP960 Optima HD IP Conference Phone at the best price in Nairobi Kenya KSh68,000.000.

Call us and buy the latest innovative Yealink W60P Cordless DECT IP Phone at an affordable price. It is also the most used base Station, 2.4-Inch Color Display

Yealink EXP20 LCD Expansion Model For SIP-T27P and SIP-T29G


Call us today and buy a quality Yealink T41P Ultra-Elegant IP Phone in Nairobi Kenya.

 The price is KSh15,000.000

The Yealink SIP-T29G 16-Line IP Phone is now available in Nairobi Kenya an affordable price of KSh27,000.000

It now possible to buy the Yealink T48S Ultra-Elegant Gigabit IP Phone rom dayari technologies Nairobi Kenya at a price of KSh32,000.000.

Yealink SIP-T46G 16-Line IP Phone


Yealink W56P Business HD IP DECT Phone


Yealink W52P DECT Cordless Handset Dect Basestation


The Yealink wireless DECT phones you can buy from dayari technologies are perfect for environments involving the supervisory and managing roles.

Having been designed with the cutting-edge technological capability the Yealink wireless IP phones Kenya is a wonderful office phone solution for business of all sizes. The models mostly used in Kenya normally comprise of W52P and the W56P wireless IP phones.

The IP phones Yealink has a capability to offers a wide range of desk IP phones functionalities covering for all business environments in from enterprise-grade IP phones, Gigabit IP phones to touch screen IP phones. Yealink IP phone series include the Ultra-elegant T4S series, T4 series, the upgrade T2 series and the Skype for Business series, meeting the communication needs of businesses of any size and budget.