Security System Equipment kenya

Security System Equipment kenya

Security System Equipment kenya,Security is a method by which something or someone is secured through a system of network devices and components.

For example, home security systems are integrated electronic devices that work together with a central control panel to protect against potential intruders and burglars.

Security systems work on the concept of securing entry points into a home with sensors that communicate with the command center or control panel installed in a convenient location somewhere in the home.

We have various security systems at dayari technologies: surveillance cameras, control panels, door and window sensors, motion sensors, high decibel alarm and Yard sign & Stickers

Purchasing a security solution is not just a mere acquisition but a long-term investment where the owner must establish a relationship.

By choosing an integral building security system, you will have the peace that your expectations are met and you will understand and react to your expectations. Dayari technologies provides diverse tailored solutions including but not limited to:

  1. CCTV surveillance
  2. Access control and Biometrics: Metal detectors, Turnstiles, Walkthrough metal detectors, facial recognition biometrics and many more.
  3. Alarm monitoring
  4. Identity management: Proximity Card Readers, Swipe Cards
  5. Visitor Management Solutions

Integrated Security Solutions

  • Symmetry Security Management System: A system that integrates access control with security systems.
  • Fire Suppression systems: An integral systems designed to extinguish and detect fire without human intervention

By incorporating security systems in your building, you will see enhanced productivity and greater cost efficiencies.

Technology can improve protection beyond that of a security officer and replace their routine tasks to achieve greater efficiencies.

At dayari technologies, we pride ourselves in innovation and work for hand in hand with our clients that our security products are integrated with our customer’s systems thus exceeding expectations.

Our Access control allows you to monitor, manage and maintain who has the access to, for example, the doors.

The simplest form of access control is the standard deadbolt with a brass key. Security systems are needed for authorized persons while at the same time restricting unauthorized people.

Besides the obvious reasons, it ensures compliance, customer experience or in a company with sensitive data

Access Control Systems

Access control allows you to monitor, manage and maintain who has the access to, for example, the doors.

The simplest form of access control is the standard deadbolt with a brass key. Since the introduction of the key, much more advanced systems have been introduced. Today, there are diverse computer-based electronic access control system types.

Using an access control, the user will have the capacity to manage almost everything: workstation access, file access, printer access and in our case, facility, door, building or office and home access.

The standard form of access control is the access card instead of using the key to grant access to the secured area. In case of access to larger buildings, the exterior access is managed by the building while the tenant door or the interior access is managed by individual access company.

Why do we Need Access Control?

Access control is needed to provide convenient, quick control for authorized persons while at the same time restricting unauthorized people.

Besides the obvious reasons, it ensures compliance, customer experience or in a company with sensitive data Biometric Access Control Systems in Kenya dayari technologies is the market leader in supply for biometric access control terminals.

We also pride in offering all solutions based on the customer specification. In essence, we provide biometric user verification solutions and biometric time attendance management systems.

We are dealers, installers, suppliers and distributors of different fingerprint solutions. In most of the computing systems, procedures such as RFID, PIN, HID, Passwords, Keys and Mifare swipecards are the cutting edge through which verifications are made.

The disadvantages for all these procedures is that many people change, forget or disclose information.

A reliable and accurate method of substantiating can be outlined by use of the biometrics  data in the device from respected suppliers such as ZK teco, Suprema, Secugen, Safran Morpho among others .

The access control can be used for commercial and home security in Kenya. For instance, the biometric lock system deploys the fingerprint technology to access the door. It gives you the prerequisite to reset or remove the fingerprint.

As a leading provider of access control, we have real time infrastructure with thousands of logs. We also have systems that allow integration.

Our staff attendance and employee clocking systems are very useful in payroll and employee management. Various types of locks: Strike Locks, Magnetic Locks & Hotel door locks

CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Security is an important aspect of every organization or home. Besides having all the gates, burglaries and locks installed in your organization or home, you will still require real-time CCTV video footage of what is happening everywhere around your premises.

The surveillance camera gives you the general footage of what is happening. There are various types of camera: IP, Analog, Digital and nanny cameras.

At dayari technologies, we provide all types of the camera depending on your requirements. The surveillance cameras allow you to view in more than two places.

At dayari technologies, we incorporate the essence of viewing the footage through the phone or computer.

For instance, if you are using the digital cameras, we can connect you to your phone or computer through several applications such as gdmss lite, IVMS4500, EZVIZ, HIKCONNECT, EMS among others.

Majority of banks have surveillance cameras installed in every department, entrances, and corners of their premises.

Cameras can also be installed on major roads and highways in order to help identify traffic and road offenders There are different types of surveillance cameras, you need to know which you want to install such as Infrared (IR), Pro box, Dome security, Pan Tilt zoom, nanny and hidden cameras.

You also need to consider the benefits of each camera before making purchases. For instance, the infrared security (IR) is used both in organization and homes to its ability to switch colors depending on whether the area they are exposed has light.

You can also decide to purchase a wireless or a wired surveillance camera. Most of the cameras are wireless; they connect to the internet and allows you to view them on a real-time basis on your tablet or smartphone.

The surveillance cameras are connected to the alarm infrastructure when they detect intrusion, then the alarm is triggered.

Get the best deals of high-quality video footage resolution cameras at affordable prices. You can browse through our vast brands and types of surveillance cameras.

Give your business and home the maximum protection by installing security cameras from dayari technologies. A 100% security is guaranteed with surveillance cameras purchased her.


Dayari technologies is one of the leading Hikvision dealers in Nairobi, Kenya, and East Africa. We work closely with Hikvision distributors in Kenya to ensure we avail the best prices for Hikvision products.

Our Products ranges from Surveillance Cameras & accessories, Turbo HD Bullet and Dome camera, IP Cameras, PTZ, Cameras, Network and Digital DVRs and NVrs.

We also do installation and Consulting Hikvision is our top brand where most of our customers make purchases.

Hikvision has a new line of cameras that feature the latest compression technology (H.265+). This advanced compression will capture the video using the bitrate thus reducing storage costs and bandwidth requirements.

Hikvision is indeed a truly optimized encoding technology based on the standard HEVC/H.265 compression thus extending the limits of ultra HD video surveillance applications. The new line of cameras includes 2,3,4,5,6-MP resolution models.

Also, Hikvision has the new improved Infrared technology EXIR 2.0 alongside the new low light technology, smart analytics, 120 dB WDR and IP67 protection. This brand continues to advance industry technology with the art of video surveillance

TurboHD Camera Based on the HD-TVI technology, HIKvision TurboHD provides high definition video over coaxial cable at a distance of up to 1500 fts.

Specially designed for analog users who may need high definition surveillance systems, this line allows the users to enjoy HD without upgrading to IP or replacing the existing cabling structure. It provides impressive image quality. Why Buy HikVision Cameras

  • Impressive image quality
  • The cameras are durable with IP66/67 protection
  • Vandaproof products
  • Motorized zoom and focus
  • Advanced security features.

Where to Buy? At dayari technologies, we are the leading supplier, seller, reseller and distributor of Hikvision products. We have both the digital and IP cameras.

We also offer solutions to your security problem. Buy Hikvision products from our shop today and you will never regret.

Best Selling

  • 50pair krone MDF box telephone, discase
  • Hikvsion DS-2CD2122FWD-I(W)(S) 2MP WDR Fixed Dome Network IP Camera
  • Automatic Gates and Parking Barriers
  • Cisco SPA112 2-Port Phone Adapter
  • DoublePattress for Sockets and Surface Mount
  • Tp-Link TL-SF1008P 8-Port With 4-Port POE
  • Panasonic KX-DT543 Digital Telephone
  • Hikvision DS-KB2421-IM Video Intercom Water Proof Door Station
  • DoublePattress for Sockets and Surface Mount
  • Brother 9mm x 8m Tape
  • Brother 12mm x 8m Black on White Tape

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Security System Equipment kenya

Security System Equipment kenya