Quality GSM desktop phones Kenya

Quality GSM desktop phones Kenya

Quality GSM desktop phones Kenya

Quality GSM desktop phones Kenya,GSM desk phones have come to replace your traditional landline telephone. Here, with a registered SIM card, you go straight to a telecoms shop near you.

There is no serious paperwork required to purchase a GSM desktop phone. Moreover, installation is a simple plug and play scenario.

The GSM desk phones Kenya are manufactured to work across all the GSM network bands. Thus, the desk phones will function perfectly in remote areas with operating on 2G or 3G networks and they operate greatly in areas where there is dependable 4G network. No doubt, this is the cheapest office telephone setup in Kenya considering that an IP PBX system is not required.

The following are the main Features of the GSM Desktop Phone in Kenya.

Portability. The desktop phone can easily be moved to any location within your small office. Unlike the IP Phones that require Ethernet connection point for signal communication, GSM desktop phone only requires an electric socket nearby for recharge when the battery is low.

Easy installation. Once unpacked from the box, insert the SIM and power up. No configurations, no wiring of connection cables.

Extremely affordable. Purchasing a desktop phone with a sim card in Kenya is the best setup for a small company with two or three employees.

No need to purchase a GSM gateway, no need to purchase an IP PBX system, no need to purchase a reception phone extra DSS keys. Just purchase the 3 desk phones, distribute among your colleagues and voila you have a simple office telephone system for your small office home office operation.

Value add accessories. Each complete package comes with a battery such that the desktop phone will serve for more than 7 hours without being plugged in to direct power. Also, there is an external antenna to boost up your telecommunication signal especially if your office is domiciled in the basement of the building.

Caller ID display from an LCD screen. With an inbuilt caller ID feature, you will be able to view incoming calls. Configure call forwarding to your cell phone, send and receive text messages.

Internal phone book. GSM desk phone users can store and retrieve phone numbers for various persons and institutions. Furthermore, users will be able to configure speed dial for various telephone numbers.

From GSM desktop phone to VoIP Phone System

Be that as it may, GSM desktop is a telephone solution designed for startup companies looking to cut business launching costs.

With this setup, there will be no installation costs to be incurred. Once the Huawei desktop phone in Nairobi Kenya is is delivered to the office, you only require to insert your ordinary telephone SIM card.

Now you can begin to make calls from the desk phone. Also, receive phone calls via the same phone.

Installing GSM desk phone is a simple short-term business telephone solution. Hence this solution is only good for a small office setup, say, with probably two or three people. Therefore, as the company grows, it will require a more advanced telephony system.

This is because the company’s communication needs will have become more complex to be handled by the simple GSM desktop phone.

As a matter of fact, the gsm desktop phone bottleneck will be scaling the phone system. Secondly, how will you decide which among the many desktop phone line will be the official business number?

Thus, an experienced VoIP telephony provider, we always advise that as the company grows, business enterprises to consider investing in a more professional business communication system.

A VoIP PBX system preferably. This will enable you to enjoy PBX Phone system features like call transfers, conferencing, call pickup, digital receptionist, extension mobility just to mention a few.

So, when you finally decide to install a VoIP PBX system, the GSM desk phones will be replaced with GSM gateways.

Thus, you and your team will share a common business line. Still, you will be able to do extension calls. Apart from sharing a common telephone line for business calls, the colleagues will enjoy convenient communication without having to move up and down to pass the phone to the colleague at the next-door office.

Conferencing desk phone

We have modernized the way video conferencing solutions are delivered. Thus, we have video conferencing IP Desk-phones manufactured to enhance the quality and simplify audio and video communication. Dayari technologies Kenya has partnered with Matrix Comsec to bring to you Matrix Sparsh VP710 video IP phone.

As long as there is an existing telephony infrastructure in place, the conferencing phone can be plugged in easily. Only needs to be assigned an IP address, basic configurations here and there and you are good to go.

Presently, this is the kind of desk phone made with a sophisticated business executive in mind. As a matter of fact, this business desk phone brings together audio and video telecommunication capabilities into a compact unified communication solution.

Sparsh VP710 IP phone is basically a smart desk phone featuring a touch screen, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, android applications and detachable camera.

These exciting features are geared towards delivering excellent audio and video collaboration. With Matrix Sparsh VP710 IP phone, you will enjoy 3-way audio/video conferencing, the benefits of SIP protocol and access to unlimited business applications.

Contact us dayari technologies now and buy quality high-quality GSM desk phone, Wireless desk phones with SIM card and PABX System dealer in Kenya.


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