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Lock Grades

These locks are commercial grade as well as the premier range and they are often recommended for use in all applications eg… residential, private sector, commercial office, retail and entertainment complexes and the whole spectrum of public sector developments. This in other words shows they can be used anywhere and everywhere. These locks quality is of superior engineering design, robust construction, it also uses thicker gauge metals which are subject to stringent testing. You can be assured that their performance is guaranteed subject to correct application.

Standard Grade Locks

These standard grade locks are always ever designed to meet the demand for lower cost locks by private and public sector developers who need to meet strict budgetary constraints. This in other words is to mean the locks are very safe and have been made with the customers in mind which means they are affordable yet efficient at the same time. The locks are ‘value engineered’ to meet functional requirements at reduced costs for the end user.

Nevertheless, the performance of this range of locks will be inferior to that of commercial grade locks and ASSA ABLOY does not in any way guarantee their performance in high traffic situations and also in conditions where they could be subject to abuse. The end users should always be cautious and should also  exercise caution when using these locks in combination with heavy non-sprung or poorly sprung lever handles.


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