MKII – CELLULAR NETWORK-BASED MULTI-UNIT INTERCOM SYSTEM, Buy Centurion Intercoms from our Dayari Technologies shop in Nairobi Kenya at discounted prices today

Cellular network-based multi-unit intercom system that allows convenient screening of visitors at the entrance to residential or business properties before allowing access.

The MKII intercom system offers the user management and administration features to maximise the functionality that GSM based intercom systems can offer.

It is exactly this mobile and globally based communication technology that positions the MKII at the frontier of intercom system technology.

Differentiating features

  • Fully-integrated with CENTURION remotes
    The MKII intercom system integrates with CENTURION’s ultra-secure code-hopping remote controls. Using a MKII CENTURION Loader*, these can easily be added into the system. You can easily administer remote controls that have been learned into the system over the internet. This may include assigning them to units, selectively deleting or time-barring specific remote controls, and automatically logging remote control transmissions.
    *MKII CENTURION Loaders are available from Centurion Systems
  • GSM – Global system for mobile communication
    Mobile communication has redefined the world as we know it and is integrated into every individual’s daily life. That is why a digital, mobile telephony system is the answer to efficient and effective secure, intercom systems. With the MKII there is no need for add-on modems and modules to use SIM cards. This feature also makes the MKII system less prone to lightning.
  • Mobile alert structure
    The Input Management Structure alerts complex managers, administrators and security guards via SMS when the electric fence alarm is activated and/or when the entrance or exit gate gets stuck opening. What makes this MKII feature even more unique when compared to competitor products is that it allows various settings and alert categories to match any type of installation. It is also completely programmable making it ideal for the various needs of different complexes. It also logs when the lid has been opened.
  • So easy to use!
    The MKII is user-friendly and very easy to operate and manage. No hassle, no fuss.
  • Flexibility
    The MKII intercom system allows three telephone numbers to be saved per individual unit, providing a well-received level of flexibility for both user and visitor. Security can contact residents whether they are in their house, out of town on their cellphone or landline; and residents are fully aware and in control of who is visiting. Reinforcing the flexibility and cost-efficiency of the MKII, especially for its users, is the unique PIN code access control. This allows users (complex residents) to enter one of two PIN codes per unit, upon entering the complex; enabling the resident to enter the complex without incurring additional costs for additional access control devices.
  • Time-based access control
    This feature increases the security levels necessary in multi-unit establishments such as housing complexes or estates where staff or contractors may require access on a daily basis. Conveniently, the MKII intercom system’s gate triggers can be set to only respond to certain remote controls or PIN codes during certain periods of time, such as 07h00 to 08h00 and 16h00 to 17h00, giving the complex the ability to allocate PINs and remote controls to people with limited access.

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