Electric Fence Installation on 50 by 100 Kenya

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Electric Fence Installation on a 50 by 100 Plot in Kenya

Comprehensive Guide to Electric Fence Installation on a 50 by 100 Plot in Kenya

Securing Your Property with an Electric Fence


Protecting your property in Kenya requires innovative security solutions, and one of the most effective options is an electric fence.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricate details of installing an electric fence on a 50 by 100 plot in Kenya, covering everything from site assessment to maintenance.

General pricing of an electric installation in Kenya

Electric fence installation on 50 by 100 plot Kenya

Hight Tensile HT Wire 1 Roll 1.6mm19500.009500.00
Warning Sign8250.002800.00
W posts for electric fence40420.0016800.00
Hammer 630 Energizer115,500.0015,500.00
Strainer Post20270.005400.00
Insulators packet20020.004,000.00
4 Core Cable12500.002500.00
Siren Kit14500.004500.00
Earth Rod2750.001500.00
Support Post25200.005,000.00
Under Gate Cable12,500.002,500.00
Installation Fee138,000.0038,000.00
                                                                  Total Amount (KES):                          108,750.00