Door Electric Strike Lock for Access Control

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Door Electric Strike Lock Fail Safe NO Narrow-type Electronic DC 12V Control


Buy Door Electric Strike Lock Fail Safe NO Narrow-type Electronic DC 12V Control   from Dayari Technologies Electric strike shop

This device comes in the following Features:

The Electronic DC 12V Control is a stainless steel with the following features.

  • Material: It Is Made Of Stainless steel
  • Items: Power locks
  • Size: It Comes In The Following Sizes 150x28x32mm
  • Voltage: 12V ± 10%
  • Working Current: 110mA-250mA
  • This Device Comes with Embedded installation Capability, It Has A beautiful appearance, the electromagnetic part is made of the best quality magnetic materials available.
  • It has special process that ensures long working hours so that it does does not produce residual magnetism. This helps to ensure the normal use.
  • This device is Cathode locks electric enabled which ensures locking access control systems Electric Lock fitting
  • It is a Standard electronically controlled locking 12V electric locks
  • It comes with thick stainless steel production and a built-in full copper coils
  • This device is Very appropriate for small glass door installation door, any frame doors, stainless steel doors.