Biometric access control solution installation Kenya

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Biometric access control solution installation Kenya

Bio-metric Access Control solution installation, the most important reason why bio-metric access control systems are growing in demand is that they have the ability to combine convenience and security like never before.

This is the reason why bio-metric access control systems are currently among the most popular access control options in the Kenyan market today.

The ability to store biological and physical traits that are unique to each individual greatly enhances the security capability of any organization.

Therefore, there is a reduction of the inherent risks associated with other systems. This is because there is no risk of key card and password sharing, creating tighter security.

Bio-metric access control systems work by storing personal data and then analyzing the fingerprint or face scan to see if it matches the stored data in the system.

If it finds a match, the access control opens and allows you to go through it. If no match is found, then access will be denied.

Biometric access solution pricing breakdown

This is the most comprehensive breakdown of all the components that are needed in a bio-metric access control solution in Kenya installations and their prices

Zkteco F18 Bio-metric Access Control19,000.00
Power supply unit 5a plus battery6,500.00
Magnetic lock5,000.00
Emergency break glass1,500.00
Key switch2,000.00
Exit switch1,500.00
8-core alarm cable2,500.00
Door closer5,000.00
Zl brackets2,500.00
Door installation charge10,000.00
Sub Total:59,000.00

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