Biometric access control prices in nairobi kenya

KSh18,999.00 Excl. Tax

Comprehensive bio-metric price list

RFID Card and Number in Keyswitch OutKsh 48,000Buy
Biometric in, Biometric Out Door Access Control PackageKsh 68,000Buy
Door Access Control-Biometric in, Exit Button Out PackageKsh 56,000Buy
Biometric Face in Key Switch out package solutionKsh 78,000Buy
Biometric Time Attendance PackageKsh 38,000Buy


Zkteco zk MA300-BT Outdoor Access Control and Time19,500 KESBuy
ZK Access TF1700 Outdoor Standalone Biometric & Card Reader



30,000 KESBuy
ZKteco ZK MA300 Stainless Fingerprint Reader Outdoor17,000 KESBuy
ZK F16 ZKTeco Fingerprint Reader Outdoor access control



19,000 KESBuy
Zkteco ZK F22 Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance26000 KESBuy
FR1300 Fingerprint Reader Exit Reader For F18, F2 And16,000 KESBuy
ZKTeco uFace 800 Face Recognition and Fingerprint Reader



58,000 KESBuy
ZK FR1500 Fingerprint Reader IP65 Waterproof Door Access Control Systems Inbio, F18, MA300, tf1700 Salve Reader



19,500 KESBuy
ZK InBio160 ZKteco Single Door Biometrics Access Control Panel39,000 KESBuy
ZKTeco Inbio 260 Two Door Controller



45,000 KESBuy
Zk Inbio 460 4 Door Fingerprint Card Access55,000 KESBuy
ZKTeco ZK F16 Biometric and Time Management Solutions18,000 KESBuy
FR 1200-ID ZK Access control fingerprint reader11,000 KESBuy
ZKTeco ZK4500 Access Control USB Fingerprint9500 KESBuy
LH4000 RFID ZK Teco Smart Hotel Door Lock System16,000 KESBuy
K40 ZK teco Biometric Time Attendance System with15,000 KESBuy
ZK Teco LH4000 RFID smartHotel Lock System16,000 KESBuy
F18 ZKTeco Biometric Access Control Terminal19,000 KESBuy
ZKTeco FR1300 Biometric Slave Reader11,000 KESBuy
F21 Zkteco Fingerprint time attendance and access control22,000 KESBuy


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