Apartment access control solution Kenya

KSh155,000.00 Excl. Tax

Apartment access control solution Kenya


Apartment access control solution Kenya

Apartment access control solution Installation Kenya at affordable prices from dayari technologies

Elevate Security and Convenience with Apartment Security Access Control Solutions

Price of  a 10 unit apartment

  1. 1 Hikvision DS-KD8103-E6 Video Intercom Door Station KSH 33500
  2. 2 HIKVISION DS-KH6320-WTE1 Video Intercom Indoor Station Touch Screen KSH 17500 *10 =175000
  3. 3 Maglock single door ksh 6500
  4. 4 Double door maglock ksh 11500
  5. 5 Brackets for single door maglock 4500
  6. 6 Brackets for double door maglock 6500
  7. 7 Exit button 1800
  8. 8 Break glass 1800
  9. Override key switch 2500
  10. Power supply unit 6500
  11. 16 port POE switch 32500
  12. Cat 6 cable 17500
  13. Villa Door station DS-KV6113 WPE1 terminal 19500 * = 195000
  14. Other installation accessories 15400
  15. Installation and configuration 164500
  16. Total 675000

Comprehensive Guide to Modern Access Control for Apartments

 Ensuring Safety and Convenience for Property Managers, Homeowners, and Security Professionals

Welcome to the ultimate resource for Apartment Security Access Control Solutions.

In this in-depth product page, we invite you to explore the cutting-edge world of access control systems tailored specifically for apartments and multi-unit buildings.

Whether you are a vigilant property manager, a discerning homeowner, or a dedicated security professional, this comprehensive guide is your roadmap to informed decisions that will amplify the safety and convenience of your apartment complex or individual residence.

The Significance of Apartment Living

Balancing Advantages with Security Priorities

Apartment living holds undeniable advantages, from communal amenities to a vibrant sense of community.

However, amidst these benefits, the paramount concern remains unwavering: security. Ensuring the safety of residents and their cherished belongings is non-negotiable.

It is here that Apartment Security Access Control Solutions emerge as the vanguard of modern security management.

Unveiling the World of Apartment Access Control

 A Holistic Exploration

Our journey takes us deep into the realm of apartment access control, where we shall delve into the intricacies of this critical facet of modern living.

We’ll navigate through the essential components, decipher the intricacies of installation procedures, and uncover the manifold benefits that come with the implementation of a robust access control solution.

But first, let us establish a firm grasp of the fundamental concept of apartment security access control.

Understanding Apartment Security Access Control

What is Apartment Access Control?

Apartment Security Access Control is a sophisticated system comprising cutting-edge technologies and software meticulously designed to manage and oversee entry and exit points within apartment buildings, multi-unit complexes, and individual houses.

These state-of-the-art systems offer a dual promise: heightened security and unparalleled convenience.

Ensuring Secure and Convenient Access

At its core, Apartment Access Control serves as the digital gatekeeper of residential premises.

It utilizes a combination of hardware and software components to authorize, monitor, and manage access, ensuring that only those with proper credentials can enter while keeping unauthorized individuals at bay.