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Automatic gates Kenya installations

Automatic gates Kenya comes in two options; Swing and Sliding automatic gates. The choice in options depends on the owner of the gates to be installed.

The two types of gates normally differ in prices slightly because of type of materials used to fabricate the gates.

KSh85,000.00 KSh74,999.00 Excl. Tax
KSh310,000.00 KSh250,000.00 Excl. Tax

Automatic and Manual Burglar Alarm


KSh195,000.00 KSh175,000.00 Excl. Tax

Centurion PRODUCTS

Centurion remote gate button

KSh5,500.00 KSh2,900.00 Excl. Tax
KSh115,000.00 KSh79,000.00 Excl. Tax

For instance an automatic gate that requires timber to be imported will increase the cost of production. Oftentimes, the gates are designed as the contemporary designs or from creative aspirations. The functionalities of the swing and sliding automatic gates are different in their unique and specific designs. The swing gate opens at the middle while the slider is moved in entirety from one side to the next. The automation makes it simple to operate than normal gates. The latter requires the use of force and manual intervention to be opened. Why do you need (sliding & swing) automatic gates Kenya? Ultimately, having automatic gates boost your security. Unlike the normal gates these automated gates function more efficiently. Of course, they are convenient and will serve for longer period of times. Automatic gates Kenya fabricated by dayari technologies are of the highest quality and deliver on the convenience and optimum security as promised. Additionally, we design the gates ourselves. We come up with the aesthetics for the automatic gates Kenya plus the installation of the automation tools. We ensure that we test the gates even before we hand over the remote to the owner of the promises. Once you have dayari Technologies automatic gates Kenya installed you get to enjoy convenience and efficiency in the highest order. How to get (sliding & swing) automatic gates Kenya from dayari technologies Kenya.  The process is simple and we will break it down for you. Typically, we have brainstorming sessions with the owner on the creative aspect of the gate. How it will appear? What will be on the gate? The choice between sliding and swing automation and so on. Next, we come up with designs for the gates and share them with the owner. Afterwards we fabricate the gate to the client’s satisfaction. Once the automatic gates Kenya (sliding & swing) is done we place it to position at the client’s home. Once the gates have been installed we move on to automate the gates. This is quite an interesting aspect of the process and quite the enjoyable one. Lastly, we take the gates through vigorous testing to ensure that it performs optimally. Once, the tests are done we ready to hand over the controls to the owner of the premises. Conclusion So far we can ascertain that you really need automatic gates Kenya. From what we have discussed above you get to move waves through getting automatic gates from dayari technologies. We offer nicely done Gates at reasonable prices in the best settings. Contact us now!