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SECURITY SOLUTIONS SYSTEMS AND ACCESS CONTROL ,The Dayari technology online solutions shop is the leading provider of all types of security solutions systems in Nairobi Kenya and the whole of east Africa. We strive to make sure that the entire customer journey is the greatest shopping experience in Nairobi Kenya.


When you want to shop for affordable and quality security system solution, dayari online shop in Nairobi Kenya has you covered. All types of wireless cctv cameras in Kenya, looking for quality cctv cameras in Nairobi. Dayari is the main cctv suppliers in Kenya. The cost of the cctv solutions that we provide together with the installation is very affordable and also the highest quality. If you are looking for experts in Kenya with extensive cctv installation capability Dayari Technologies has you covered. The following are some of the security solutions that we provide.  They include alarm and signal systems, security cameras solutions, and all kinds of detection equipment. We also supply different kinds of security fences and there accessories. We have some of the high tech gates solutions systems in Nairobi Kenya. We have all kinds of security systems which includes - Biometric, RFID, ALARM, CCTV, Card Reader, Press to Exit Button, Power Supply Unit Amp + Battery, Break glass, Magnetic Lock, Key Switch, Door Closer, Door Bracket, Electric fence. We offer affordable security solutions and affordable installation costs across the board