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Thermal paper roll

Thermal paper roll,Dayari technologies offer fine quality thermal paper rolls in various sizes in Nairobi Kenya. The most used thermal paper roles in Kenya are 13*57*40mm, 13*57*47mm, 80mm x 80mm,13*79*60mm and 13*79*80.


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We have partnered with the leading manufacturer of quality and affordable thermal roles in various sizes. We can also offer personalized sizes as per customer requirements. Our thermal papers rolls are available in different qualities for customers in a highly competitive market. These qualities, depending upon the base paper on which our thermal paper is coated, can be either a POS quality for cutting simple cash register rolls(coated on mixed pulp base paper) , or a FAX quality which is coated on fully virgin pulp base paper for making fax rolls or more demanding cash register rolls. The advantage of our thermal paper: Made of 100% wood pulp, topping quality. Including two kinds of thermal paper, thermal fax paper for facsimile and thermal receipt. Paper for cash register and ATM. Image stability time of thermal fax paper is 5 years while thermal receipt paper is 2yrs. We can deliver to our customers finished rolls, the regular grades include: 55,58 GSM thermal fax paper 58,60,80 GSM thermal receipt paper 57mm x 40mm Thermal Paper Rolls Thermal Labels 2 across 1″ x1″ (32mm x32mm) 5000 labels per roll 80mm x 80mm Thermal Paper Roll Applications: Supermarkets, chain stores, restaurants, shopping mall etc where Point Of Sale (POS) printers are used. lotus thermal rolls Thermal rolls prices Kenya teepee thermal rolls monte horizon ventures ltd fax roll Thermal roll Kenya Thermal Printer Rolls Thermal Rolls in Nairobi Paper rolls for sale Kenya thermal paper roll suppliers Thermal Rolls 57mm x 40mm Thermal Rolls / ETR Rolls Kenyan Thermal Paper Suppliers Visit dayari technologies today and buy quality thermal rolls at a very affordable prices in Nairobi Kenya.