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Networking solutions and networking equipment

Networking solutions and networking equipment, At Dayari Technologies we have all types of networking equipment and solutions as well as Networking Accessories. These accessories include, Ethernet Network Switches and Ethernet Patch-Cords. If you are in Nairobi Kenya and looking for any networking equipment solutions, Networking Accessories like, Ethernet Network Switches, Ethernet Patch-Cords, Category 5 cable- Cat 5, Outdoor Fiber Cable, Category 6 cable-Cat 6 and Networking Cables. Dayari technologies provides the best and the highest quality networking solutions from our shop in Nairobi Kenya. For any level networking needs at whatever stage in the networking process is it initial or advanced stage in the process of building your own network dayari technologies will be there for you. Our advanced networking solutions that is extremely intelligent as well as user-friendly. We are the ultimate network solution for your business In Nairobi Kenya the whole of east Africa. For the first time Networking or old networks that needs refurbishment or you’re in the process of repairing specific parts of your existing system. Dayari technologies id the ultimate networking provider and adviser for all technical networking needs for your business in Nairobi Kenya. If you existing network needs fixing we design a perfect networking solution for you.

We also desing solutions For Long Distance transmission by our expert networking technical experts, dayari has also has high quality networking FIBER OPTIC cables like Fiber and other different networking Accessories and Media networking solutions. We are the main brand promoters for the major global players such as Cisco Products we also promote and provide support for D-Link Networking Equipment, Giganet, Linksys, Mikrotik, Siemon, Tp-link and Ubiquiti.