Point of sale software

Point of sale software

Point of sale software ,A point of sale software system is an all-in-one system that processes the transactions and payments of customers and checks business inventory levels. Simply put, POS software basically process sales.

Traditionally, POS systems served the wholesale, retail, and hospitality industries. As such, their functions didn’t include managing sales transactions like making orders, taking inventory, and accounting, among others.

Today, POS software have become very sophisticated to meet the different needs of every business. Healthcare management, equipment repair shops, goods and property leasing, and ticketing offices are just a few places where people use these systems. This has made specialists to expand POS system capabilities.

POS software can do almost anything for your business. This is why it’s built to be reliable, consistent, fast, and highly functional. This way, it can meet various requirements and demands of a diverse group of businesses and other users.

As a business dealing with Financial Software, we aim to help you find an affordable solution that meets your functional requirements.

Benefits of POS Software

You can call a POS system your business’ workhorse. It offers the following benefits:

  1. Operation accuracy. The process of buying and selling involves numbers, several clients, and multiple products. It’s almost impossible to handle all these things manually at the same time without making some errors. A POS system can record transactions, analyze sales patterns, and manage your inventory more accurately.
  2. Faster Operations. Completing transactions using POS software is usually quicker than doing them manually. This way, you can serve more customers, resulting in a quicker turnover and a boost for your revenue.
  3. Perform important analysis. Data means nothing and serves no purpose if you lack a powerful analytics and reporting system. The POS software offers analytic features that can reveal strengths, weaknesses, trends, and solutions. These useful insights can help you make the right business decisions.
  4. Networking is easier. POS software has networking capabilities that allow for the connection and communication between the system and other terminals or handheld devices. This way you can track your business’ operations from anywhere. This is especially important if you want to make the pricing of your products uniform across all your stores.
  5. Protection from shrinkage. This feature makes POS software distinct from other sales apps. It provides powerful stock keeping unit reporting and follow time periods, orders and promotions, and focuses on each employee’s performance.
  6. Affordability. The reason why some people shy away from POS systems is that they think the cost is high due to the high tech features. Contrarily, they’re cheaper than alternative business productivity software and sales apps.

our POS – The Best Point of Sale Software

dayari technologies has an award-winning POS available in Kenya. It has been built to transform existing business systems into powerful point of sale systems.

The POS enables businesses to connect POS software such as cash drawers, POS printers, credit card scanners, customer displays, barcode scanners, etc.


Dayari technologies POS software comes with many features to benefit various businesses. The various features of POS systems are designed to benefit different businesses in varying industries and the end user. The most common features include:

  1. Inventory Tracking. A POS system can inform you of your stock levels in your store or branches.
  2. Sales Analytics and Reporting. This feature captures and analyzes important data on product sales, revenue rates, and ROI.
  3. Management of Customers. POS software stores your customer’s purchase history. By accessing customer information, you can determine the ones that are the most valuable.
  4. Management of Employees. Manage employees’ time and keep track of when and what they’re working on so as to optimize productivity through this feature.
  5. Integration Capability. You need a POS system that can smoothly integrate with your existing hardware components. Integration with other apps or business systems you use such as e-commerce solutions and accounting software is also crucial.
  6. Accessibility. If you have a cloud platform, then accessing your sales data through web-connected mobile devices is possible.

How can you integrate dayari technologies POS Software into your Business?

We’re glad you asked!

Dayari technologies POS software is a windows based software that runs on most computers running Windows Operating System.

This makes it convenient as for most business owners already running windows computers only need not purchase new hardware save for receipt printers to make use of this pos system..

Once installed, you can immediately begin to record your sales in this POS and query it for reports. The software allows you to extend its functionality by adding important hardware add-ons such as a cash drawer, barcode scanner, receipt printer, and a card machine that processes debit and credit card payments.

POS software carries different features and functions that you can utilize in the management of various facets of your business operation.

The most important is keeping track of sales through generating reports. This way, it’s easier to know the profits or losses you’ve made over time, whether on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The software part of a POS system automatically checks and updates your inventory each time you sell an item. It ensures that you know when your stock levels are running low or when you’d require a reorder of supplies. It removes the stress of doing manual inventory counts, which can be inaccurate and inefficient.

You can also create a comprehensive financial report by integrating your POS software with an accounting system. Moreover, you can produce error-free tax reports using the POS system. When it comes to managing your employees, a login/log out feature is available to keep track of their working hours.

Businesses that Can Benefit from our leading POS

Various businesses in different industries can benefit from this POS system Kenya in many ways. Restaurants, bars, retail, small businesses, and spas and salons can benefit as follows:

  1. POS Systems for Restaurants

The hospitality industry is demanding, fast-paced and competitive. This is built to help with easy management of restaurants and increase profits. It features an inventory management, labor optimization, a rugged mobile POS and terminal screen to benefit restaurants.

  1. POS system for Bars

Bars can use this POS to boost profits. The businesses can benefit from total customizability, mobile capability, pre-authorization of payments and bar and liquor inventory. Other features for bars include easy menu management and better customer service.

  1. POS Systems for Retail

Are also acts as a retail point of sale system? It offers quick product lookup, varied payment methods, user accounts and permissions and refunds.

The POS also features customer-facing display, mobile registers, product variants and bulk product imports, among others for retail businesses.

  1. POS Systems for Small Businesses

Small businesses can also benefit from the point of sale system. It provides a sales and checkout process, payments with mobile devices, credit card processing, centralized sales, inventory management, tracking of sales data and customer management.

Marketing integration, employee management and loyalty programs are other features accessible to small businesses.

  1. POS Systems for Spas and Salons

Retail man supports customer and employee management for spas and salons. It also features inventory management, terminals, an appointment book and reports generation among other features built to help maximize profits.


Whether you’re in the hospitality, health, beauty or retail industry, your small business can benefit immensely from a point of sale system.

With benefits ranging from reducing your accounting bills to improving the customer checkout process and increasing profits, your business has lots to gain from using the dayari technologies POS software.

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HotelStar is a Modern Restaurant Management / Hotel POS Incorporating Room Reservations

We also have a Modern Hotel Management Software/Restaurant POS System to make the work of managing your restaurant easy and efficient.

It is Fully Touch enabled and Accessible across devices, its loaded with features and reports. Incorporates Optional Module for Reservations and Facilities Management.

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Dayari POS Business Manager software is a web based point of sale system. The main features include a touch enabled POS interface with an easy to use GUI, Inventory Management, staff management. Integrates with barcode scanners and Bluetooth or USB printer.

Point of Sale Software (POS) Kenya

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