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Table Clock WiFi Camera

latest nanny and spy cameras Kenya, Are you looking for a hidden spy cam and decided you want one inside an alarm clock? Surprisingly even after narrowing it down this far there are still tons of models to choose from.

The business of hidden surveillance is a booming business. Many parents are installing hidden cameras to monitor their kids while they are at home.

In businesses, they are using them to monitor employee’s behavior and maintain standards and there are many other such instances where a hidden alarm clock can make sense.

There are many reasons why an alarm clock is perfect for a hidden camera. First, most households have an alarm clock, therefore, putting a spy camera in it will not raise any suspicion.

Another reason is that the alarm clock is usually connected to a power source. This is convenient because it can supply the hidden camera with unlimited power to record footage.

We at dayari technologies have spent hours putting together this detailed guide on alarm clocks including the top five. Please read on and enjoy. If you looking for a list of the best spy camera in general go.

The brand name may sound odd, but this Wi-Fi Spy Camera Clock is an awesome device. On the outside, it is your normal multifunctional alarm clock, but on the inside, it is packed with something else.

No one would suspect that an innocent alarm clock is made to keep an eye on you. In addition, it is also modestly priced, so it is a steal for an alarm clock and a surveillance camera.

This mini spy camera hiding behind an alarm clock is made from a durable sink alloy to make sure that it will keep on working for a long time.

It is equipped with a six-glass lens, which gives high-quality images as compared to other spy cameras. It is complete with a Wi-Fi router you can configure via an app. This means that you can view the live stream or photos remotely.

Perhaps one of the greatest features of this Wi-Fi hidden camera clock is its Starlight Night Vision.

The hidden security clock camera is equipped with six pieces of invisible infrared lights. This allows you to monitor your chosen room even in the dark. It also has a very sensitive photo resistor that automatically turns on when the room is dark. It is a lot different from the night vision that you have to turn on manually. You can connect this alarm clock to a downloadable app so that you can view what is happening remotely and you can review the saved content.

A micro-SD card can be used for storage if there is no Wi-Fi. The activated motion sensor can pick up movement to save on memory space.

This is a multi-functional hidden spy camera disguised in an alarm clock. It is the first one with the fully functional LCD display that is capable of video recording; it has super night vision, an alarm clock and date display.

The hidden camera is very efficient; it can capture a clear image and video even in the dark. It is a full HD camera at 1080p complete with Wi-Fi capability.

It is very inconspicuous because no one would suspect an innocent alarm clock on the bookshelf is recording every movement. As an alarm, it does its job efficiently and actually plays a music ring on the present time.

This hidden camera clock is also capable of remotely streaming video and do playback video from an SD card.

It is easy to install into the camera, and after completing the configuration on the app, you can watch real-time video while away from home.

This is why this hidden camera is ideal for surveillance and home security for home and office. Another feature that this camera has is the motion detection notification and the super night vision.

It has three infrared lights and high powered too. It can make clear footages in the dark when any movement in the room activates the camera. When this comes into play, it will take a photo and send the photo to your phone as a notification.

This stylish alarm clock with a simple mirror appearance and LCD display has a secret camera hidden within.

It can blend with the overall decor inside your home. You can hang it or put it on the table or shelf; no one would suspect that it is hiding a camera inside.

The lens angle is at 140 degrees wide enough to capture a great span of the room. It has built-in colorful lights that double as a nightlight. Once you have downloaded the app, you can also control the colors and brightness remotely with your mobile. You can use this camera as a nanny camera or a security camera.

This hidden camera clock provides a high-resolution video at 1080p and a 12mp photo. With a wide camera angle of 180 degrees, it can capture the whole expanse of any room.

It also has built-in six infrared lights that offer a superior night vision with a distance of eight meters. It supports Wi-Fi connectivity and a free downloadable monitoring application available in both iOS and Android and Windows computer software as well.

The camera runs on a strong built-in rechargeable battery of 3500mAh continuously for 8 hours without turning on the night-lights and the night vision. It can support a 64GB SD card to expand its memory. It is recommended that you use a C10 high-speed card for maximum efficiency.

The most exciting feature that this hidden camera clock is its ability to function as two-way communication. Using the downloaded app, you can talk to your home through the alarm clock camera after finalizing its configuration. You can also this method to control the lights and adjust the color.

If you want a hidden camera integrated into an alarm clock, this one is another option. It has a sleek design with an LCD display. The high-resolution camera can give clear and crisp video with 1080p resolution. It has a great camera angle. 

With the loop recording feature, it can automatically overwrite the old files to save the new ones when the memory is full.

Speaking of memory, this hidden camera has a micro SD storage of up to 32GB. This camera has motion detection and night vision. With the motion detection, you can set this on, and the camera will record only when motion is detected.

The night vision feature has the camera armed with 12-night vision lights. Meaning it can see and record even in darkness.

Since the hidden camera has Wi-Fi connectivity, once you hook it up on the internet, you can view live stream video remotely anywhere and anytime.

 For this reason, you can use this device for home security and office monitoring. The battery is a 2200mA, which works for 5 hours; the good news is you can record videos while charging for uninterrupted recording.

All manufacturers of hidden cameras are always trying to find a new way to hide cameras to make it as discreet as ever. Hiding it in plain sight is the perfect solution for surveillance in your homes and business.

One thing good about the Culprit hidden camera cum clock is very beautiful and aesthetically blends well with the rest of the decorations in the house.

Besides working as, a functional alarm clock, it is the hidden camera inside the clock that is the most important.

A full HD camera is capable of recording full HD videos at 1080p. It is covered with a 3D UV processing glass that makes the camera very hard to detect. This is perfect to keep an eye on your homes and business.

It is easy to set up the camera you just need to install an App available in both iOS and Android. This means that you can view the videos online on your phone, tablet, and PC. It has an expanded memory using a micro SD to record videos.

Another great feature of this hidden camera is the motion detection and loop recording. With good motion detection, once you have turned it on, the camera will only record videos when it detects motion in the room.

An alarm will be triggered, and it will automatically send a notification to you. The loop recording function ensures uninterrupted recording by overwriting the files with the new video when the memory card is full.

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