Huawei 4G LTE Router

Huawei 4G LTE Router,Do you have no internet connection at your home? Well, worry no more. You can use mobile internet with a 4G Router that you can buy from our Nairobi Kenya shop.

This 4G Router is wireless and can also be used at trade fairs, conferences, on the train, on the bus, in the market etc.

The 4G wireless router can basically be used anywhere without a wired internet network. The 4G LTE Router offers many practical mobile solutions as well as practical applications through mobile internet.

What’s a 4G Router?

 The 4G Wireless Router is a 4G kind of network module with a 4G network capacity. With 4G/LTE router, you can access wireless internet through your wireless terminals.

With the latest 4G technology, the Huawei 4G LTE Router connects to the mobile network and can distribute it in various ways e.g. through separate LAN ports or Wi-Fi.

 You are also able to share your connection with multiple users, but that is dependent on the type on 4G Router you have.

The 4G Router feature is that it has one or two sim card slots. Some 4G Routers have Ethernet port while others don’t have.

The 4G wireless router would usually provide internet connection through Wi-Fi. The LTE Wi-Fi router has one sim card slot which after you plug in could be the access point for multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices e.g. smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc

This 4G Router with Sim card slot and Ethernet ports are most often used in the office, at home, this means it can support a small group of people using it.

Some 4G pocket Wi-Fi routers are however configured with Ethernet port for WAN or LAN or both of them together. This Huawei 4G LTE Router portable Wi-Fi routers with Ethernet port is a gadget you can easily use not only when you are indoors but also when you are outdoor.

The 4G Wi-Fi Router with Ethernet ports are for LAN. The number of ports vary from gadget to gadget. Some have 4 LAN ports while others have 1 or 2 ports. Most importantly, the 4G Router with Ethernet port must have 2 external antennae port to support MIMO data transmission.

LTE Routers without any LAN ports are called 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot, 4G LTE Mi-Fi or 4G Mobile Wi-Fi. THIS 4G portable router is advantageous as it can support at least 5 users accessing internet with a high speed of up to 100Mbps. Dayari technologies offers all kinds of 4G routers as per the customer’s preference as well as their network status. It’s important to also note that 4G routers can roam in different LTE networks.

How does a 4G LTE Router work?

The 4G LTE Routers have input slots for sim card while other LTE routers have dual sim card slots.

The beauty with this 4G LTE Router is that you can connect to the internet anytime and anywhere as long as you have a data plan with your mobile provider.

In some cases, you may need to log in to the web interface of the LTE router, to do some simple settings for the network. Immediately you connect with the wireless 4G network, your 4G router should provide internet access through LAN ports or Wi-Fi.

Having done that, you are now able to connect to your router and surf either alone, remember, it can support even up to 5 mobile devices surfing at the same time.

What speeds could the 4G Wi-Fi router provide?

This 4G wireless router can only function effectively when using 4G mobile networks. Under optimal conditions, it supports 4G network speed of up to 100Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload.

Having said this, you benefit more from mobile broadband connections that are up to ten times faster than the 3G network connections. The 4G LTE Wi-Fi router could provide much faster speed than ever with the LTE network and technology development.

 4G LTE Routers can be divided as follows according to the LTE category; LTE Cat.3 routers, LTE Cat.4 routers, LTE Cat.6 routers, LTE Cat.11, Cat.12, Cat.13 routers, LTE Cat.16 router and LTE Cat.18 routers.

The latest LTE Cat.16 routers and LTE Cat.18 routers are also called LTE Advanced Pro (LTE-A Prorouters. Download speeds provided by the 4G LTE Router are up to 100Mbps (LTE Cat.3), 150Mbps (LTE Cat.4), 300Mbps(300Mbps), 450Mbps (LTE Cat.9), 600Mbps (LTE Cat.11), or 1Gigabit/s (LTE Advanced Pro) based different LTE technologies.