How to Choose the Best Battery

How to Choose the Best Battery

How to Choose the Best Battery

How to Choose the Best Battery, Wondering which replacement batteries are the Best Batteries for YOU? ASK MEDIC! We understand how to choose the Very Best Battery!

If you’re like most consumers, you are constantly hunting for replacement batteries. But when you install these replacement batteries, are they the best batteries for your application?

It can be confusing, which is why a battery expert like Medic is an invaluable resource for information about replacement batteries. Because at Medic, our knowledge means power!

CHOOSING THE BEST BATTERY: When shopping for replacement batteries, consumers are faced with many options concerning which replacement batteries are the best batteries.

  • Lithium batteries are designed for high drain applications and are the best battery for quick recovery devices like a camera flash.
  • Heavy duty batteries are the best batteries for low drain devices like wall clocks.

Determine the type of application

The two main types of devices are high drain and low drain. Some applications, like CD players, fall about in the middle.

Other applications, like MP3 players, or boom boxes, are high drain and need replacement batteries more often or should use lithium, while clocks and desk alarms are low drain.

Determine the ‘use by’ date

Some replacement batteries are stored too long before they are sold. Make sure to check the ‘use by’ date on replacement batteries before buying.

The freshest alkaline batteries have a date of 4-5 years away. ‘Expired’ batteries have about 85% of their original capacity and are not the best battery in critical applications.

CHOOSING A BRAND…Hundreds of brands claim to be the best battery but only Energizer, Duracell, Rayovac and Ultralife can live up to this promise.

These leading manufacturers produce the most trusted, dependable, high performance alkaline and lithium batteries on the market and are the very best replacement batteries for critical applications.

To choose the best battery from these excellent brands, try each kind of replacement batteries and keep track of the life you get from each. One of these top brands is sure to be the best battery for your needs.

RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES are growing in popularity, but are they worth the investment? On the surface they seem sensible, but hidden drawbacks make them inferior to Medic’s alkaline and lithium batteries.

Rechargeable batteries:

  • Self-discharge much faster than alkaline
  • Have a poor shelf life
  • Must be completely drained before being recharged
  • Often do not hold a charge effectively
  • Are not necessarily fully powered despite 16 hours of charging
  • Do not produce a 100% fresh battery after each charge
  • Do not live up to the manufacturer’s claims

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How to Choose The Best Battery


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