GSM Wireless office Phones

GSM Wireless office Phones

GSM Wireless office Phones 3
GSM Wireless office Phones 3

GSM Wireless office Phones,We are the leading dealers of GSM Desktop Phones in Nairobi Kenya. We stock all office desktop phones. They include the following,

GSM Desktop Phones Topsonic s100 landline with Dual sim card slot The topsonic phone comes with with the following features GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ Supports all networks ie Safaricom, Airtel & Orange.

The GSM Desktop phone can accept two lines (any)Dual sim Basic mobile phone functions LCD display with green backlight Handsfree and speaker phone The dayari technologies GSM Desktop Phone, is actually a mobile phone operating on 3G/2G some even can operate on 4g network in a shape of a desktop phone.

It is equipped with a large display, speakerphone and speed dialing keys for the most frequent contacts. GSM Fixed Landline Wireless Desktop phone ETS-6588

Dayari technologies is the leading supplier of quality GSM Fixed Landline Wireless Desktop phone ETS-6588 in Nairobi Kenya.

Buy this GSM Fixed Landline Wireless Desktop phone ETS-6588 and improve your organizational communication capabilities to a whole new extent.

We are the leading dealers of all the different kinds of Fixed Wireless Phone in Kenya. We have the highest quality of the GSM FWP 6588 in our Nairobi Kenya shop.

Call us today for the most affordable prices. Cordless GSM PHONE HUAWEI 6588 NAIROBI KENYA at the best price and also affordable delivery to your door step.

At Dayari technologies we stock a wide range of office phones which includes but not limited to the following Generic Fixed Wireless Phone GSM FWP 6588. We have the best prices in the industry.

The GSM Fixed Landline Wireless Desktop phone ETS-6588 gives the users the ability to access voice communications on GSM Wireless office Phonesmobile phone network with a sim card it is one of the best cost saving communication tools for the business today.

The quality telecommunication gadget from dayari technologies has the following Key Features. 1 It comes with capability Support GSM850/900/1800/1900Mhz Dual Sim cards 2 It comes Caller ID inbuilt functionality 3.

It has the best Dot-matrixed display feature. 4. It has a capability to support a Multi-languages selection and can be customized to Spanish, English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian etc. 5.

It also comes with the most used SMS functionality 6. It has the best IP No. Setting capability in the industry 7.

It has extremely great Call in as well as Callout and even  inbuilt functionalities there are quality Call divert together with Call waiting and finally three-way conference call 8.comes with the best security inbuilt capabilities that includes the following ,the Lock up function there is also the Keypad, SIM card, network. 9. Local No. / direct No. / limited No. Setting 10.

It comes with the best Speed dialing inbuilt capabilities in the industry 11. There is also a very dependable Redial Button in this GSM phone.

huawei f317 gsm landline wireless phone we have the latest and most quality Huawei f317 GSM landline wireless phone they are also the most affordable.

Dayari technologies is the leading HUAWEI F317 GSM LANDLINE WIRELESS PHONE shop in Nairobi Kenya. Buy quality Huawei F317 GSM landline wireless phone from our Nairobi shop at very affordable price.

This is one of the most used home phones in Kenya, it is the perfect solution for your home or business voice requirements as it blends superior connectivity, ergonomics and affordability into one complete wireless voice communications package.

Call us today and buy quality HUAWEI F317 GSM LANDLINE WIRELESS PHONE in Nairobi Kenya Huawei F317 GSM landline wireless phone is home phone is the perfect solution for your home or business voice requirements as it blends superior connectivity, ergonomics and affordability into one complete wireless voice communications package.

Huawei FC312E Fixed Cordless Wireless GSM Phone Huawei FC312E Fixed Cordless Wireless GSM Phone Huawei FC312E Fixed Cordless Wireless GSM Phone, We are the leading supplier of the Huawei GSM Phone in Nairobi Kenya.

Welcome and buy the Huawei FC312E phone. It is the best Fixed Cordless Wireless GSM Wireless office Phones from dayari technologies, Nairobi Kenya When you buy the Huawei telephony solution in Kenya it comes as a quality FC312E Fixed and innovative Cordless Wireless GSM Phone from our, Nairobi Kenya shop we are able to deliver to any part of Kenya at the most affordable price.

With the Huawei phones it is possible to take the communication capability to a whole new level. This FC312E Fixed Cordless Wireless GSM Phone is the highest quality in Kenya. GSM HUAWEI ETS3125i Sim Card phone

GSM HUAWEI ETS3125i Sim Card phone

 GSM HUAWEI ETS3125i Sim Card phone, The Huawei 3023 Fixed wireless phone and router is one of the best fixed wires phone solutions in Kenya.

It has I highly developed Speed dial multi-functional 1 SIM Card FWP, there is also the clear as well as loud voice Description enabler: It also supports the Model: 3023 Caller ID: Yes, Interface Type: Common interface GSM 900/1800MHz, It is able to Support GPRS High definition voice quality Short Message. It is a Security Solution with Complete antenna installed capability.

This telephony solution has capability installed to support the rural market for example wireless farmers it can also be used for the air recharge and agricultural ICT business.

secondly it can as well support the TNC interface, poor indoor signal it can also act as an external outdoor antenna;

This solution can also support intelligent power programs of up to 1000MA, 1500MA, 7A lead acid batteries and solar panels. Huawei 6188 Sim Card GSM Desktop Phone/GSM Landline Phone

Huawei 6188 Sim Card GSM Desktop Phone/GSM Landline Phone

Huawei 6188 Sim Card GSM Desktop Phone/GSM Landline Phone, Buy GSM Huawei 6188 sim card desktop phone as well as GSM landline phone from Dayari Technologies We are the leading wholesalers, dealers and trailers of the GSM Desktop Telephone in Nairobi Kenya.

We are the most affordable online shop in Nairobi. This GSM phone comes with one of the best LCD Display features.

The Huawei 6188 Sim Card GSM Desktop Phone/GSM Landline Phone comes with a very innovative Phonebook with a Memory functionality that can handle more than 200 entries at a given moment.

There is also the best and most quality Backlight LCD that comes with installed status icons This GSM desk top Huawei phone comes with a quality Adjustable Volume inbuilt capability Gigaset A220A X3 Cordless Telephone

Gigaset A220A X3 Cordless Telephone

Gigaset A220A X3 Cordless Telephone, this is the most affordable hands-free enabled phone that comes with an integrated answering machine for comfortable calling.

If you happen to be looking for a reliable cordless phone that offers good value for the money welcome to the dayari technologies shop in Nairobi Kenya.

The Gigaset A220A features the best integrated answering machine at the most affordable prices in Nairobi Kenya.

The Gigaset A220A comes with a quality answering machine that has the inbuilt ability to record up to 25 minutes of messages. this provides a convenient way to receive all incoming calls while you are out.

This quality codeless phone is incredibly easy to handle and operate. For instance, the user-friendly keys with sensitive pressure points make dialing a pleasure.

All this office phones are found at very affordable price from dayari technologies online shop.

Desktop Smart Phone We have diverse GSM desktop phones that include android based desktop smart phone designed for office and home use.

The phones that we sell fuses the best from all the phones you know. The familiar from of desktop phone, 3G/2G network connection via SIM card and smart features of your smart phone and even generous touchscreen like on you tablet with WIFI connection.

Business Desktop Phone Business phone as you already know it, but use SIM card and 3G/2G mobile network. It comes with unique cloud services.

You can access call list, messages and contacts through the web. You can also synchronize contacts with your other devices or manage group of phones.

GSM Control

Would you like to have your devices, process or temperature under constant control, regardless of where you could be?

We have solutions providing remote access to your devices using GSM networks! GSM desktop phones Remote Switching Control your device remotely, switching them ON/OFF from your phone via SMS text, phone call or mobile application.

GSM desktop phones Remote Monitoring Effective monitoring of your device status directly to your mobile phone via SMS text, phone call or email.

GSM desktop phones Multi Point Control Network up to thirty-two GSM modules with unlimited range and control them from main controller, PC or mobile application.

Reliable GSM Access Control Devices

Protect your property with advanced technology you can access remotely. Pacific GSM offer a premium range of access control devices designed keep your property secure and running smoothly.

With the advent of smart phones, controllers have become more and more advanced and you are now able to access data and use these devices remotely.

With our premium range of devices, we strive to provide property owners with not only sophisticated security technology, but also peace of mind.

GSM Gate Opener that’s Simple to Use

Remotely control the entrance to your property with your mobile phone. There’s nothing more annoying than having to get out of your car in the pouring rain to open up the front gate, because you can’t find the remote.

What’s more, if you forgot your gate open, you risk leaving your property open to unwelcome visitors. Dayari technologies GSM have a solution to both of these problems with their remote GSM gate controller system.

With this simple system, your gate will open and close at the touch of a button from anywhere. Monitor who comes in and out of your property with the help of this innovative invention.

Install Gate Controllers and Access Limitation Devices to Protect Your Property

For more information on the range of and access control devices we have available, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0713233589.

As Kenya’s leading provider of GSM technology, the friendly team at dayari GSM Wireless office Phones are more than capable of working with you to find a security solution that is ideally tailored to your needs.

GSM Desk Phones GSM Desktop office phones are the simpler and cheaper alternative to land-line phones (PSTN). They combine the simplicity of a desktop phone with the flexibility of a mobile phone, using a mobile phone SIM card.

This GSM phones lets you to make and receive phone calls using the worldwide GSM network instead of having to use the traditional landline with cables. This phone can be used in offices, homes and on the move with their inbuilt batteries.

WCDMA 3G Desktop phones apart from the GSM Wireless office Phones functions can also be used as a 3G internet modem to provide you with additional features that a 3G network can offer.

They include network like 3G internet connection and much faster data transfer.

They are great for Office and Business use and equally brilliant for Home use. GSM Desktop Phone also known as office Sim Phones GSM Desktop Phone for GSM Fixed Wireless use-any SIM card works, High Quality voice calling and SMS from a desktop phone.

GSM Desktop Phone – Desktop Sim Phone GSM Desktop Phone Wireless Quadband uses a mobile phone SIM card with the convenience of the original desk phone.

Great for the elderly who generally cannot handle the small mobile handsets of today thus helping them stay in touch with their family easily. Use any GSM SIM card, allowing one to choose which wireless deal you like.

This GSM Wireless office Phones desktop phone even allows you to send and receive SMS messages. Great looking phone with large button design makes it easy to use and operate – especially for older folk and those with mental / physical disabilities. Features:

  • Wireless Quadband GSM Wireless office Phones Desk Phone
  • SMS message sending and receiving
  • Powered 220v or battery – battery is rechargeable
  • Built in speaker and MIC for hands free talking

GSM Manufacturer Specifications General 3G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz Power Source: Wall Power Outlet or Battery Battery Size: 650mAH Usage Time: 2-3 Hours Battery Standby: 48 hours Languages: English, Chinese (Simp) Display Display size: 2.4 Inch Non-Touchscreen Display Ports 1x SIM Card Slot – GSM Mic Speaker Dimensions Main product dimensions: 190x210x65mm (L x W x D) Package Contents GSM Desk Phone Power Adapter User Manual Battery

GSM Fixed Wireless Phone

Desktop GSM Phones, GSM Phones, GSM Wireless Desktop Phones, GSM Desktop Handsets HUAWEI F316, F317, Huawei 6588, GSM 3G,2G,4G DESK WIRELESS PHONE Huawei fixed wireless 3g GSM desktop phone & internet modem for call centers, office, home, vehicles, farm etc. with speed dial buttons, sim card slot, headset slots. unlocked.   Huawei F610 NEO3300 GSM 3G Desktop Phone (Product Information)   The New Generation in Telephone systems is here.

The sleek looking 6588 HUAWEI F316, F317 GSM 3G Internet Modem DESKTOP MOBILE PHONE.   Open to all networks including every GSM and 3G mobile networks in the world. This phone uses GSM SIM cards like a mobile phone and works just like a mobile phone but with a desktop phone look. This phone can also be used as a 3G Internet modem to connect your Personal computer and laptop to the internet. We will provide you with the software use for internet connection.

Contact us after purchase for software.   With inbuilt rechargeable battery, you can carry the phone with you around on the move. Send and receive SMS text messages, voicemail, connect to the internet and do basically anything you can do with a mobile phone.

With 5 Speed Dial programmable Buttons for direct call to programmed phone numbers.   PLEASE READ THE HUAWEI 6588 GSM DESK PHONE FAQ (FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS) BELOW   If you insert a SIM card to the phone and turn it on and it does not register a network, please follow this step to set the phone to register a network:  

This phone is a clear choice for Call Centers and business users that want to save money on ever increasing bills.

Use traditional headsets with phono mic & headset plugs and also works with professional Plantronics headsets. Has phono headset & Mic input on the Side as shown in pictures above.  

Loads of functions like Call-Hold, Call Mute (the other person will not hear anything you are saying), call waiting (if your mobile SIM operator offers the service), and many more great functions.

This phone is also great as a home phone and mobile use. Smart design with very strong inbuilt antenna.  Perfect for Elderly senior citizens for easy use with LARGE key pads and 5 Speed dial buttons for direct speed dial to programmed phone numbers like Family members, Doctor, career, Kids etc.

Perfect for home use to save money on ever rising land phone bills.  Ideal for business use too. Ideal for Call-Centers with our all new GSM Desktop phone headsets.

Check our other auction for the call center Headset for this Phone. We will not provide the headset with this auction.  

This phone is equally useful in rural areas and places with no land phone or internet access and electricity.  

We can provide Solar Chargers for this phone on special request if you intend to use it in areas with no electricity. Please contact us if you require this.

(This will be at extra cost)   Take it to work with you or travel and take it back home for mobile use. Ideal for CAR use. All this with in-built rechargeable battery that charges every time you plug it into the mains power supply.

Also use for mobile internet connation by connecting it by provided USB cable to your PC or laptop and you are online on the move.

Will work with all mobile networks as it is unlocked to any network so you can use any SIM card anywhere in the world.  

  • Just add a Pay-As You Go SIM or Contract 3G or GSM SIM care and it is ready to use. No setups required.
  • Make phone calls over a GSM network using standard SIM / 3G SIM card.
  • Write text messages quickly on the complete LARGE alphabetical keyboard & Read text message on the large illuminated LCD display
  • Use as a USB modem to connect to 3G internet to your PC or Laptop (Windows OS software is provided)
  • Dial numbers comfortably with the desktop phone’s large buttons and setup speed-dial keys
  • Make hands-free phone calls via the phone’s built-in speakerphone or with our headsets (Sold separately)
  • Find phone numbers, read messages and view missed calls quickly.
  • 5 One-touch Speed dial hot keys and dedicated navigation key.
  • Comes with backup rechargeable battery.

  Great for Use in:

  •         Homes and workplaces
  •         For public use in shops and bars
  •         Call-Centers, Offices, Shops, trains and long-distance Vehicles
  •         Indoor or out: powered by either battery or AC adapter
  •        Use as a USB modem to connect to 3G internet to your PC or Laptop

  Specifications 1.3G/WCDMA/GSM desktop phone 2.Spanish Finish Swedish Language 3.GSM/GPRS:900/1800/1900mhz 4.WCDMA:900/2100mhz 5.Internet Connection via 3G   Main Function

  1. WCDMA and GPRS high-speed data function
  2. Voice function, and extends the function of the phone book and call records
  3. Support handles or hands-free calls
  4. Support caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, call holding, three-way calling
  5. Support emergency call services
  6. Support SMS
  7. Support the communication of USB (type A) port and PC, and software upgrade
  8. Support USB modem Plug & play for internet connection
  9. Support English and Spanish menus
  10. Provide alarm clock, calendar, calculator, world clock, practical application tools
  11. Support for user-defined 5 speed dial keys


  1. External interface: USB interface Type A, USB full speed (USB1.1)   USIM card interface 1.8/3V USIM cards
  2. Display 2.8-inch monochrome STN display, green backlight   Resolution 123X64
  3. Inbuilt Antenna that is not visible on the outside but high reception capacity
  4. Power Adapter AC output 100V~240V 50/60Hz      DC Input 5V,0.65V     Power interface: Single connector
  5. Frequency Range WCDMA:900/2100mhz   GSM/GPRS:900/1800/1900MHZ7.
  6. Will this phone work with any mobile phone SIM card?

5.Theory standby time: 96 hours   Theory Talk time: 210 minutes Technical Standards WCDMA 3GPP R99   GSM/GPRS 3GPP R99   GPRS ETSI GSM Compliant GPRS   Class 10   HUAWEI 6588, F316.F317, GSM DESK PHONE FAQ (FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS) PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BUY.  

Answer: Yes, this phone will work with any GSM/3G/4G Mobile phone SIM card including 3UK SIM card. The SIM card size it takes is the regular BIG size. If you want to use Micro or Mini SIM card, you will need a SIM card adapter.  

  1. Will this phone work with a land line like BT?
  2. Does this phone have a battery and Electric power plug?
  3. Can I connect external antenna (Arial) to this phone for better reception?
  4. Can I connect to the internet on my computer with this phone?
  5. Is this phone in English Language?

Answer: No. this phone is only a GSM & 3G desk phone and cannot be connected to a line. It will only work with a mobile phone SIM card.  

Answer: Yes, this phone comes with a rechargeable battery and an electric power plug. It can work on battery alone for few hours (Please read details above) so you can move it around.

It can also be left on electric power all the time. The battery charges when you connect it to electric.  

Answer: No. this phone does not have the option for external antenna. The Internal antenna is as good as or slightly better than a normal mobile phone antenna.

Answer: Yes, you can connect to the internet on your computer with this phone but you can only do this by connecting the phone to your computer by USB cable and setting up the PC Suite software that is inbuilt in the phone.  

You will need to set it up properly for this to work. We do not provide instructions of how to do this. You can research it yourself online. We only sell this phone as Desk phones. This phone does not provide Wi-Fi wireless internet.  

Answer: Yes, the menu is in English and Spanish language. It will auto turn to English language of you insert an English SIM card and Spanish if you insert a Spanish SIM card.

You can also select English Language from the settings. We will ship free on the same day of purchase if paid before 1PM or next day if after 2PM. Collection welcome. 

Any question please contact me and I will be happy to respond. Please see above for all you will get. No returns please. Make sure you want this before you buy.



  • Huawei 6588, F316, F317 Phone,
  • Power adaptor
  • quality battery,
  • User manual (Downloadable)
  • USB Data line cable
  • GSM Wireless office Phones
  • GSM Wireless office Phones