GSM Desktop Phone kenya

GSM Desktop Phone kenya

GSM Desktop Phone kenya

GSM Desktop Phone kenya,User’s Guide

Read these guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous and or illegal. Further detailed information provided in this manual.

Do not switch the GSM Desktop Phone kenya  phone on when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger.

Do not use a hand-held phone while driving

All wireless phones are susceptible to interference, which could affect performance.

Follow all regulations and rules. Switch the phone off near medical equipment.

Wireless devices can cause interference in aircraft.

Do not use the phone at a refueling point. Do not use near fuel or chemicals.

Do not use the phone where blasting is in progress. Observe restrictions, and follow all regulations and rules.

Use only the normal position.

Only qualified personal may install or repair phone equipment.

Use only approved accessories and batteries. Do not connect incompatible products.

Remember to make backup copies of all important data.

Your phone GSM Desktop Phone kenya is not water resistant. Keep it dry.

When connecting to any other device, read its users guide for detailed safety instructions.

When making an emergency call, ensure the phone is switched on and in service. Enter the emergency number, then press green key. Give your location. Do not end the call until told to do so.

Insert the SIM card

Install the backup battery

Connect the power adaptor – switch the phone ON

The message “Phone is starting” appears on the LCD after connecting the power adaptor.

If your SIM card is protected by a PIN code, the phone will require the PIN code. Enter the PIN code and confirm by pressing the green  key.

If you enter an incorrect PIN code three times in a row, the

PIN code will be blocked. To unblock it, you need to enter your PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) – check your SIM card documentation for details.


The phone will set the language automatically according to the country code of your SIM card. Language can be changed manually in the Settings menu.

Charge the battery

The battery is empty on delivery and needs to be charged before the first using. The battery should be charged for about 5 hours to reach its full capacity. The battery is being charged whenever the phone is connected to the power adaptor – even when the phone is switched off.

Note: Use the battery and power adaptor only for its intended purpose. Never use any adaptor or battery that is damaged.

The phone is designed to be powered from the power adaptor. The limited capacity of the backup battery should only cover emergency calls in case of electricity failure. The standard talking time for a fully charged battery is about 3 hours.  The standby time is about 48hours. The battery gradually decreases its capacity during its lifetime. 

 The battery should be kept in an environment between 5°C and 35°C. A device with a hot or cold battery may  temporarily not work, even when the battery is fully charged. A battery’s performance is particularly limited in temperatures well below freezing.

Selection keys –  the current function is shown on the LCD


Making a call

Pick up the receiver, enter the phone number as on a regular fixed line phone and wait,  or  for hands free calling.

Note: To input the “+” character for international calls, press  twice.

To end an active call, hang-up the receiver or press  . Press  o cancel the hands-free call mode.

Note: The CANCEL key  automatically interrupts calls or other activities.

To redial the last called number, press .

Adding a new contact into the phone book

Open the phonebook by pressing . Choose <new contact…> by pressing Select. Enter the contact name and confirm by OK. Each contact can consist of up to 3 different phone numbers: Mobile , Business  and Home . Select

the appropriate type of number by pressing . Press Select and enter the phone number. Confirm by  .

Note: Find more details about the phonebook in the Phonebook chapter.

Dialing a number from the phone book

GSM Desktop Phone kenya

To enter the phonebook press the           key and scroll the contact list by using .  Also the fast contact searching can be used by typing the contact name directly on the character keypad. Confirm the selected contact by  to start dialing of the selected number.

Picking up the handset, or press                   will also start dialing.


The Short Message Service (SMS) allows you to send and receive text messages consisting of up to 1000 characters.

Sending a text message

Press the  key, located on the upper left hand side of your phone’s keyboard to start writing a new message. Enter your message text and press SEND. Enter the recipient’s phone number or recall it from the phone book by pressing . Confirm the recipient number and send message by pressing OK.

Note: Press  to switch between the upper and lower case characters. You can

activate/deactivate CAPS lock by pressing  for about 2 seconds. It will be confirmed by the LCD Icon switching between Abc and abc.  can also be used like a standard Shift key on a PC – you can press Shift and character key together. 

To delete the previous character, use .

Opening an incoming message

When you receive a new text message, you hear an acoustic signal. and the indicator light on the top right hand side of the phone flashes red. The envelope symbol  will appear on the display.

Press             to read the received text message and scroll through the message

by using          .

Additional functions, listed below, can be performed by activating the Options menu via the button just below the “Options” on the LCD :




Call New… Store number

Delete all


deletes the current text message

  • sends an reply to the message sender
  • forwards the message to another recipient
  • calls back the message sender
  • starts a new text message
  • saves the message sender’s number in your phone book
  • deletes all messages in the current folder

To read previous incoming messages or to send messages, open the Message menu by pressing  and select Inbox or Send.

There are six buttons on your GDP-04 that can be used for frequently called numbers or emergency numbers.

To save a new number, hold down the selected memory button for about two seconds until the Phone number: dialog appears. Enter the phone number and press OK.

To connect the speed dial button with a contact from your phonebook, find the contact name in your phonebook and press and hold the selected speed dial button for about 2 seconds until you see the confirmation on the display.


Some special functions are selectable under the Options menu in the normal operating mode.

Silent mode / Normal mode

This function allows switching to the silent mode where all sound alerts and rings are disabled. This allows a user to stay connected to the network while not being disturbed by incoming calls or text messages.

Switch Off

This function turns off the phone. When turned off, the phone cannot make or receive any calls or text messages.

Note: The battery charging function is active whenever the power adaptor is connected, even when the phone is switched off. The battery charger progress indicator on the display will be active when the phone is off, if the battery is charging.

Note: The phone can also be switched off by pressing                    for more than 3 seconds..

In order to switch the phone back on, press and hold  until The phone is starting… message appears on the display.

Note: The phone will start automatically when the power cable from the adaptor is re-connected into the phone.

Travel mode Off

This feature ensures that the phone will not be switched on accidentally. Travel mode is active only when the phone is powered from the battery only.

To switch the phone on again from the travel mode, press and hold  until the red light is activated and then type the word “START” on the QWERTY keyboard or connect the power adaptor again.


Note: Some of the advanced call functions will not work properly unless they are supported by your GSM operator.

Call Waiting

The call waiting function indicates an incoming call even when another call is in progress.

To use the call waiting function, please check that you have activated it in the GSM network setting – see chapter Settings.

If a new incoming call is indicated, press  OPTIONS and SWITCH to answer the waiting call. The first call is put on hold.

To switch between the calls press  OPTIONS and SWITCH again. Either call can be canceled by .

Conference Call

The conference call function is a network service that allows up to six people to take part in a conference call. To arrange a conference call:

  • establish a call to the first participant
  • to add new participant into the conference call enter the phone number directly and press or select the contact from phonebook and press Select; you may put the first call on hold if you want by pressing Options and Hold
  • when the new call has been answered, press Options and Join calls. The message Conference will appear on the display.
  • to add another new participant to the conference call, repeat previous steps. The maximum number of remote parties is 5.
  • to have a private conversation with one of the participants, press Options and select Private #. Scroll to the desired participant and press Select. Once you have finished the private conversation, re-establish the conference by pressing Options and Join calls.
  • to cancel the connection with some of the participants, press Options and select Release #. Scroll to the desired participant and press Select.
  • to end the conference call, press .

Call Transfer

The call transfer function allows you to forward the active call to another phone number.

During the incoming call, press Options and select Hold  This puts the calling party on hold. Enter the phone number directly and press  or select the contact from phonebook and press Select.As soon as the call is answered, press Options and select Transfer. You can hang up as soon as the connection is established.

For call transfer to external analogue phone you need to have your phone pluged in and connected to an analogue phone. When a call is coming press space key on your phone (GDP-04). You can also do it after picking up the receiver. As soon as the call is established, you can hang up.

Calls Register

The phone registers missed calls , incoming calls  and outgoing calls There can be up to 100 calls stored in the memory. If the memory is full, the oldest record (of the same type) is automatically erased.

To view the call history list, press .

Additional functions are available under the Options menu for each stored number:

Details                  – shows extended information about the call (number, date, time, number of attempts)

Call                                – the phone dials the selected number

Send SMS                     – sends a text message to the selected number

Delete                 – deletes the selected call record from the call history register

Store number  – saves the selected number in your phonebook

Delete all                        – deletes all call records from the call history register


You can mute your microphone during a call so that the other party does not hear you while you can hear the other party.

Press Options during the call and select Mute to disconnect the microphone (both handset and hands-free). Press Options and select Mute once more to re-connect the microphone.

Note: Up to 32 ASCII characters can be used for a name. Since UTF-8 coding is used for name storage, usage of NON-ASCII specific characters will shorten the maxim available length of the name. Up to 32 characters (+,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,X,P,*,#) can be stored in each phone number memory position. The total number of the phonebook records is limited by reserved memory – usually it is about 300 names with 600 stored numbers.

The Options menu offers these functions for each contact:

Edit                     – opens the edit dialog window to edit the contact details

Call – dials the selected contact, selects the specific number if more than one number is stored under the contact name

Send SMS        – sends a text message

Add new…         – adds a new contact into the phonebook

Delete  – deletes the selected contact from the phonebook (the name with all its phone numbers) Delete all              – deletes all contacts from the phonebook

Import from SIM allows copying all contact records from your SIM card into the phone’s memory. Press Copy context key for confirmation.

Note: The contact records list on the SIM card contains one phone number for each contact only. The advanced SIM phonebook management is available via JABLOSUITE software on PC.

Date & Time

Press Menu, select Settings, and select Phone settings and Date & time to set the date and time.


There can be up to 20 languages supported in the GDP-04 interface (the exact number depends on the firmware version). The language is chosen automatically according to the country code of your SIM card. The phone interface can be switched to another language under this menu.

Network selection

The GDP-04 selects a suitable GSM network automatically. Manual selection can be used in some cases.

Display Contrast

The LCD Display contrast is selectable in a range from 0 to 63.

Call Settings

Call divert

Incoming calls can be diverted to a specified number.. The following actions are available for all divert services: Activate,

Cancel (deactivates the service) or Check status (to view the current service setting).

Call divert can be applied in specific cases:

All calls                                        – all incoming calls will be diverted to the specified number

If busy                             – incoming calls will be diverted if you are on another call

If no answer  – incoming calls will be diverted if you do not pick up the call after a pre-set period of time  selected in the dialog box – from 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 to 30 seconds

If unreachable                         – incoming calls will be diverted if the phone is switched off or there is no GSM network signal

Cancel all diverts           – cancels all previously selected call diverts

Call waiting

To activate the call waiting service, select Activate. To deactivate, select Cancel. To show the current service status, select Check status.

Call barring

Outgoing and incoming calls can be barred if the appropriate network service is available. You can select the types of calls which will be barred:

Outgoing calls                           – all outgoing calls will be barred

International calls           – all international outgoing calls will be barred

Internat. when abroad                 – international outgoing calls will be barred while roaming is active

Incoming calls                           – all incoming calls will be barred

Incoming when abroad           – incoming calls will be barred while roaming is active Cancel all barring        – cancel all types of call barring (chce heslo – kde ho najdu?)

Caller ID restriction

Your phone number is usually displayed to the person you are calling to.

To hide your phone number select Activate of Caller ID restriction. To deactivate, select Cancel. To show the current service status, select Check status.

Note: Some GSM networks do not allow canceling the caller identification.

Message settings

SMS centre number– edits the number of your SMS message centre
Message validity– selects the period of time for which the network attempts to deliver your message
Status reports              Sound settings – asks the network to send the delivery report about your messages
Call ring– sets the ring type Melody and Volume for incoming calls
SMS alert– sets the Melody and Volume of new SMS alerts
Handset volume– each audio port’s volume setting is selectable from 1 to 10. Separate settings are possible for the Microphone, Speaker in call and Tones 
Handsfree volume– each audio port’s volume setting is selectable from 1 to 10. Separate settings are possible for the Microphone, Speaker in call and Tones
Line volume


– each audio port’s volume setting is selectable from 1 to 10. Separate settings are possible for the Microphone, Speaker in call and Tones
PIN protection– enables or disables the SIM card protection by PIN1
Change PIN1– changes the PIN1 password (4 to 8 digits)
Auto PIN1The phone can remember your PIN number. If the auto PIN function is enabled, the phone will automatically enter the PIN number of your SIM card. If the SIM card is removed from the GDP04, it remains PIN protected.
Change PIN2– changes the PIN2 password (4 to 8 digits)
Phone lock– security code setting to protect the phone against unauthorized users


You can find additional information and set advanced parameters in the Service menu.

Firmware Version

Displays information about hardware and software version of your phone and its IMEI number. You may be asked by a service center or a hot-line service provider for this information. Code entry  This function can be used on OEM models only – it controls specific features by entering a service code.

Factory Settings

You can restore the factory default settings of the phone by selecting this option. Press OK to confirm your choice. Press Back to leave the settings unchanged.

Battery Voltage

Displays the current battery voltage. You may be asked by a service center or a hot-line service provider to give them this information.

Backlight ( AC ) Setting of the display back light when the phone is powered from the power adaptor.

Backlight (battery)

Setting of the display back light when the phone is powered from the backup battery only.

Connection with PC via USB

You can connect the GDP-04 to a PC equipped with MS Windows 2000/MS Windows XP operating systems.

Install Drivers

 Warning: Do not connect the GDP-04 to the USB on your computer until you have finished installing the software from

the CD. Failure to do so may prevent your phone from ever communication to PC properly.

Insert the CD delivered with the phone into your PC. If the installation program does not start automatically, run the

“AutoRUN.exe” in the CD’s root directory. Select “Install” and follow the instructions on the screen. The USB driver and application software JabloSuite will be installed to your computer.

Internet connection via GPRS modem

When JabloSuite detects the connected GDP-04 phone it will create the shortcut to new internet connection trough the GPRS.

Note: Default settings of connection parameters are APN = “Internet”, Name = “”, Password = “”.  These parameters might be changed according to your service provider settings.


  • Direct and easy call dialing from Phone Book
  • Easy sending, receiving and handling with SMS
  • Simple GDP-04 configuration
  • Contact list synchronization between GDP-04 and e-mail client software
  • Direct call dialing from Microsoft Outlook contact list
  • SIM Toolkit handling

Note: Latest version of the support software can be downloaded from

Connecting the ANALOG PHONE (GDP-04A only)

You can connect any standard analog phone to your GDP-04A phone. This phone can be used as if it is connected to a standard PSTN network, including Caller ID. Only one phone or PBX line (home exchange unit) can be attached.

 Warning: Never connect the GDP-04 into a wall socket of a fixed line network (PSTN).


Dimensions230x220x100 mm, 920 g
DisplayIlluminated graphical LCD, Resolution 132×65 dots, 82×40 mm
Phonebook300 names and 600 numbers
SMS text memory30 kB memory for SMS storage (50  received messages + 30  sent messages + SIM memory capacity)
Call historyMemory for 100 records: history of missed, outgoing and incoming calls
Ringing melodies20 unique melodies
SMS typingBuilt-in QWERTY keypad
Speed dialing6 memory keys (up to 12 numbers), label for records
Operating temperature-10 °C to + 55 °C; 25 to 75 % humidity
AC power adaptor100 – 240 V AC-50 to 60 Hz, 12 V/1 A DC
Back-up batteryPolymer or LiON battery, 1100mAh
GSM system900/1800/1900 MHz tri-band system, compliant to GSM phase 2/2 +
AntennaBuilt-in GSM antenna +2.15dbm for EGSM900 and GSM1800 bands
Data connectivityGPRS class 10: max. 85.6 kbps, CS1, CS2, CS3 and CS4
AudioEcho cancellation, Noise reduction HE, FR, EFR and AMR coding Digital audio interface
Hands-free callingBuilt-in speaker and microphone
LanguageMultilanguage support – downloadable language sets

Hereby, JabloCOM Ltd., declares that this GDP-04 GSM Desktop Phone is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. Approval mark for GSM module Siemens MC55 is CE0682.

The original conformity assessment document can be found at our web site


THIS PHONE MEETS THE LIMITS FOR PROTECTION OF THE HEALTH OF THE PUBLIC FROM THE EFFECTS OF EXPOSURE TO ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS ACCORDING TO EN 50385:2002 – Product standard to demonstrate the compliances of radio base stations and fixed terminal stations for wireless telecommunication systems with the basic restrictions or the reference levels related to human exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic field.

Note: Although this product does not contain any harmful materials we suggest that you return the product directly to the dealer or to the producer after use.

Limited warranty:

Subject to the conditions of this Limited warranty JabloCOM Ltd. warrants this product to be free from defects in design, material and workmanship at the time of its original purchase by a customer for a subsequent period of two (2) years. Should your product need warranty service, please return it to the dealer from whom it was purchased. Conditions:

The warranty is valid only if the original receipt issued to the original purchaser by the dealer, specifying the date of purchase, is presented with the

Product to be repaired or replaced. This warranty does not cover any failure of the Product due to misuse, including but not limited to use in other than the normal and customary manner, in accordance with instructions for use and maintenance of the Product. Nor does this warranty cover any failure of the product due to accident, modification, adjustment, improper repair or acts of God.

This warranty does not apply to batteries or to modules of other suppliers (e.g., SIM cards from the GSM provider).

The warranty provided does not affect the consumer’s statutory rights under applicable national legislation in force, nor the consumer’s rights against the dealer arising from their sales/purchase contract.

Under no circumstances shall JabloCOM be responsible for any loss of data or income or any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages howsoever caused.

As the product is under continuous development, JabloCOM reserves the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this document without prior notice.

Operations and some features are SIM card and/or network dependent.



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