Folding Projector Screen

Folding Projector Screen

Folding Projector Screen

dayari technologies has the best Folding projector screen in Nairobi Kenya.

1.With foldable aluminum frames and legs, and equipped with brake pulley, easy to move anywhere.
2. Folding projector screen is easy to set up without any other tools.
3.Optional front screen surface and rear screen surface which can fixed on the frame by pressing studs, easily and firmly.
4.Compact with heavy duty flight case with wheels, easy for travel and storage.
5.The surface of the screen is treated with special embossing, which effectively eliminates glare and greatly improves the Angle and sharpness of the curtain, making the picture more colorful.
6.Suitable for large mobile sites, especially large concerts, exhibitions, mobile



Folding Projector Screen is good design of the projection screen, easy to assemble and carry. Can protect well with an impact resistant carrying suitcase.

Not need to fixed on the wall and ceiling, suitable for different needs, such as: exhibitions, banquets, concerts, large-scale business activities, etc.

Folding Frame Screens

The options you have at your disposal when it comes to projection screens are vast when it comes to today’s market.

There are, of course, the state-of-the-art models you see in fancy home theaters, screening rooms, and boardrooms.

There are fixed frame designs that mount easily on any wall or ceiling. There are manually operated models like the type you probably remember from your school days. Then there are folding frame screens.

Folding frame screens are projection screens made with flexibility in mind. You’re most likely to see them at trade shows, outdoor venues, and multi-purpose auditoriums.

They’re favorites among teachers and instructors with varying audio-visual needs. Traveling salesmen, freelancers, and other professionals that might find themselves presenting to any client at any time absolutely swear by them.

That said, if you’re looking for a projection screen that is just as easy to stow out of sight as it is to set up at a moment’s notice, then a folding frame screen is the solution for you. offers today’s audio-visual consumer a multitude of options when it comes to meeting just about any set of needs.

Choose from a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes. Browse products from all of today’s very best names in the projection screen business.

Then enjoy the seamless ordering process, fast shipping, and superior customer service that comes along with the experience.

Pick Your Brand
A given projection screen is really only as good as the team responsible for creating it. That said, Projector Screen.

Dayari technologies is proud to present you with access to folding frame screens from some of today’s most important names including Draper, Elite Screens, and Da-Lite. Choose from a wide selection of frame styles, designs, and features packages. We even have a few DIY models in stock!

Know Your Features
Don?t assume that because you’re in the market for a portable, collapsible projection screen that convenience is all that matters.

Whether you’ll be presenting to students, clients, or friends, you still want to absolutely wow your audience with the quality of your pictures.

Consider whether you’ll have the most use for a front projection screen (reflective) or a rear projection alternative (transmissive).

Decide up front how much you’re willing to spend. As with other types of projections screens, folding frame screens come attached to a variety of different price tags. Our offerings start below ksh20000 and top out at about ksh100000 (or just above).

Accessories: Don?t forget to browse our collection of premium folding frame screen accessories. After all, who says that a pop-up presentation shouldn?t also be a positively memorable one? Add class and flare to your viewing surface with a beautiful drapery kit ? perfect for events, weddings, outdoor presentations, memorial services, trade shows, and family movie nights.

Your audience is positively guaranteed to forget where they are and become thoroughly lost in your presentation. As with everything that matters, it’s often the details that make the difference, and has everything you need to give your audience an experience to remember.

Folding Frame Screens

FOLDING FRAME PROJECTOR SCREEN are generally used in auditoriums, stages, trade shows and outdoor venues.

Folding Frame screens are the best portable solution for large venues, strong and durable, often coming with a hard travel case for transport. Easily assembled by snapping or screwing together multiple aluminum frame pieces to a tensioned screen surface.

Typically, a more expensive portable solution than a tripod or floor rising screen, due to their professional use and durability.



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