Fanvil VOIP IP phone systems

Fanvil VOIP IP phone systems,We are the leading supplier of quality Fanvil IP phones solutions which includes the X3, X4, X5, X6 – VoIP Fanvil phone designed for executives and senior managers. The Fanvil IP-phone X6 help optimize workflow and intelligently distribute the working hours.

Fanvil IP Phones

Fanvil IP phones prices

KSh5,450.00 Excl. Tax

Fanvil IP Phones

Fanvil Ip Phones Kenya

KSh5,450.00 Excl. Tax
KSh13,499.00 Excl. Tax
KSh17,500.00 Excl. Tax
KSh24,500.00 Excl. Tax

Phone has a convenient user interface and sleek design. Fanvil X6 has all the features necessary for productive work.

The large color display diagonal of 3.4 inches is reflected all the information about incoming / outgoing / missed calls, and a separate LCD-BLF keys (3 sheets of 12 keys) will help obtain information about the status of the subscriber and get rid of the paper media on your phone.

Fanvil X6 is compatible with all major modern IP PBX platforms that use the SIP protocol: such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Elastix, 3CX. Phone is equipped with Gigabit Ethernet ports, a connector for a headset RJ9, support PoE. Phone Fanvil X6 supports 6 SIP-accounts.

The user can adjust the volume and select the ring tone on your own. High quality communication that distinguishes Fanvil phone will not disappoint even the most demanding user.

Fanvil X6 is a great solution for people who want to find a machine that will be the center of the workplace and help make the day a comfortable and productive.

Fanvil X6 – it is the IP-phone designed for a new generation of leaders and senior managers. The main feature of Fanvil X6 is the presence of two displays.

 Chief among them – a bright, color with a diagonal of 3.4 inches is designed for maximum comfort with the phone and easily perform a large number of functions embedded in the device. The objective of the second display – Displays actions assigned to each of the 12, the DSS keys.

Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd, a developer and manufacturer of IP telephones, and NEC, a world leading corporate, its goal is to lead the advancement of the world ‘s social infrastructure by leveraging ICT and new business models, announces the partnership to provide a fully interoperable end-to-end telephony solution. Fanvil will be member of its UNIVERGE Solutions Partner Program.

UNIVERGE is NEC’s IP unified communications architecture to unify and converge voice, data and applications on SMB and enterprise network.

UNIVERGE Solutions Partner program is designed to build partnerships with potential business developers at a local, regional and global level to create additional services, applications and solutions for business users that enhance both partners and NEC’s UNIVERGE offerings.

The IOT guarantees a fully interoperability between Fanvil IP Phone and NEC system, which will provide a better solution for SMB and enterprise business. The following model will be certified as support products from Fanvil: X3/P, X5, X5G, C400 and C600.

  • Fanvil C600 Smart Video IP telephone with 7 Capacitor Multiple Touch Screen
  • Fanvil C400 Smart IP phone with 7 Capacitor Multiple Touch Screen
  • Fanvil X5G Gigabit IP Phone with self-labeling function keys
  • Fanvil X3 Black (K) SOHO IP Phone with OpenVPN, PoE, HD Voice

We are the main technology company in Kenya for Voice over IP Distribution
Head-quartered in Nairobi Kenya.

We specialize in VoIP infrastructure and supplying wide range IP phones or Asterisk based IP-PBX. In 2018, dayari technologies become one the main Distributor for Fanvil in kenya. They also are the authorized reseller for well-known brands such as ADD-COM, Jabra, Plantronics and VXi Headsets.

VoIP is about convergence, saving telecom costs. However, these types of systems also create more inroads for attack & lose lot of money because of VOIP frauds & attacks. In this article, I will discuss a number of different ways your communications system can be breached and how it can be protected.

Is your IP Phone system a target for VOIP attacks?
Every year the number of PBX fraud victims increases dramatically. More and more companies are targeted by individuals who are looking to bring down or exploit the communications system. Some do it for fun and others for illicit profit, but the end result is always the same… It results in the telephone bill of average 5,000$ USD to 80,000$ per attack to your carrier!

The most vulnerable targets remain small-medium size businesses that are new to managing their own VOIP.

They either don’t have the IT experience and staff to properly secure and maintain the network, or they’re unaware of the risks altogether having recently switched from a landline system. Whatever the reason, many networks are consistently left unprotected. By the time most companies realize that something is wrong with their phone expenses, it’s too late—the network security has been compromised.

What is STM and how it can help you secure your VOIP infrastructure?

You may be familiar with UTM – Unified Threat Management device, but have you come across an STM – SIP Threat Management device, that is used to protect the IP PBX and IP Phones/Telephony infrastructure from threats/attacks?

The STM – SIP Threat Management device, is installed in front of any SIP based PBX system or gateway and offers extra layers of Toll fraud losses are growing at rate faster than global telecom revenues.

Things to be considered

  • The law is clear, you are the only responsible for the security of your phone system and any charges generated from it.
  • You will pay on average 5,000$ USD to 80,000$ per attack to your carrier.
  • Downtime of your whole system is very common.
  • In some cases, you will have to find a different carrier.

Let’s first discuss what steps you can take to protect your account from hackers.

What is STM and how it can help you secure your VOIP infrastructure?
You may be familiar with UTM – Unified Threat Management device, but have you come across an STM – SIP Threat Management device, that is used to protect the IP PBX and IP Phones/Telephony infrastructure from threats/attacks?

The STM – SIP Threat Management device, is installed in front of any SIP based PBX system or gateway and offers extra layers of security against numerous types of attacks that are targeted towards IP telephony infrastructure. The features offered by the STM complement those of a traditional firewall or UTM, and it can be installed in conjunction with a UTM.

Typical STM Installation Diagram
Here is a diagram of a typical STM installation in a VOIP network:

Overview of the most common attacks to PBXs today and how the ALLO STM handles them

  1. SIP Device Fingerprinting: The hacker will try to identify which PBX software is running or which hardware you are using. Once he gets this info, he will look for their weaknesses and attack accordingly. The STM will simply not answer to such requests leaving the hacker in the dark.
  2. User enumeration: The hacker will request the system to divulge the extension numbers. Once he gets this info, he can then start looking for the passwords. The STM will not give out this info.
  3. Password Cracking Attempt: The hacker will try different user names and passwords in order to gain access to an extension or the admin panel of the PBX. The STM can be configured to block an IP if more than 10 trials are done within 10 minutes, for example.
  4. PHREAKERs: These guys take advantage of your negligence and steal from you without really hacking anything… They just check the most common/default user names and passwords used and if they get lucky, it’s a bad day for the victim.
  5. The Hardcore Scammer: Using scripts and special tools, these criminals know exactly what they are doing and have the knowledge to hack and exploit an unprotected phone system. The list of scams they can run is long but it can range from setting up an extension in your system and using it to sell cheap international calls, to more elaborate FAX back or CALL back scams where they use your system to call very expensive / minute phone numbers they control…
  6. DoS/DDoS attacks: These are designed to flood your PBX with an exaggerated numbers of packets. Their goal is to bring down your communication system and render it unusable. The STM will dynamically block for a pre-determined period of time, the IP or IPs from which these attacks originate.
  7. Cross Site Scripting attacks: These are amongst the most complex and hard to achieve. A script is injected in your PBX by the hacker and can program it to do all kind of malicious actions such as having all your extensions ring at once. The STM blocks off the intent and IP address (es) trying to do that.

Manufacturer’s message: The STM uses the real-time deep packet inspection engine, which is in fact a large database of known threats to PBXs. Much like a terrorist watch list, the STM uses this list to check each SIP packet heading towards your system and blocks any malicious packet as well as its originating IP.

Instead of losing thousands of dollars due to the victim of VOIP attacks, invest on 300$ worth of ALLO STM, which is plug & play.

Investing in an STM to protect your communications network is a must.

Fanvil i20T SIP door phone with RFID Card Support & Allo Nano2 PBX for 8 People Conference / 32 IP and 8 TDM simultaneous calls / 75 IP extensions, up to 6 Analog extensions / Easy to use GUI / 8 Ports (2FXO-4FXS-2 FXO/FXS) / Fax and Voicemail to Email

Allo, a manufacturer of VOIP and security products and Fanvil, a developer and manufacturer of IP telephones, today announces partnership to provide a fully interoperable end-to-end Intercom VOIP solution.

The partnership guarantees a full interoperability between Allo Nano2PBX and Fanvil IP Door phone i20T, providing resellers and end users with a reliable and full-feature communication system solution. ALLO believes this is just the start of the cooperation; the two parties will actively expand more areas of cooperation in the future. Having Fanvil on board will allows ALLO to give more productivity to end user experience.

Dayari technologies is the Leading Distributor of VoIP Telephony in Nairobi kenya.
Due to the long established experiences in the field of Analog-, GSM-, ISDN-networks and Voice over IP able to offer you a comprehensive service for all Voice over IP requirements and network Solutions.

Dayari technologies as the Main Fanvil and Allo Distributor of IP phones, VoIP Gateway, Analog/Digital Cards, PBX Systems and Security Devices. See more at:

Fanvil C600 7” TFT 800×480 Capacitive Multi Touch Screen with HD Video camera

Fanvil’s new C400/ C600 Smart IP Phone is an Android platform and offers superior user experience for both of Office and Home and the Fanvil X5 IP Phone with Intelligent DSS Key-mapping LCD display for Enterprise Application. Fanvil X3 IP Phone comes with the revolutionary design concepts and elegant appearance.

Fanvil C400/ C600
Fanvil Technology, a professional provider of IP communication solutions, today announced its new C400/ C600 7” Smart Video IP telephone with compact design and intelligent software suite for both of Office and Home users. The new C400/ C600 Smart IP phone brings in brand new easy operation concepts and strategies targeting broadening the deployment of IP phones.

C400/ C600 are built with the latest Freescale Core Quad solutions, 7” Capacitor Multiple Touch Screen, Video Camera (C600), and Android 4.2 platform.

A desktop phone, unlike a traditional IP Phone, offers One-Touch Call Function. C400/ C600 bring in the concept of user profile which can be stored on individual DSS key assignment and preference up to 100 users. User can easily operate, update and change her/ his profile by simple key pressing.

Dial plan is an important tool that users can be easy deleting, adding the prefix code of different carriers and can process the call easily.

Fanvil enhances this capability via digit mapping and group parameter configuration. User can process the call without any changing of common dialing way.

Fanvil is also planning to launch a cloud service and provide online phone software upgrade, data and provision, especially DSS Key assignment and Dial Plan in the different group phone. Before this cloud service, Fanvil is launching a window base Auto provision of parameters and data.

To enhance three party conferencing, Fanvil has a feature called Join Conference Meeting. People can easily join the call with the host party by pressing a key.

For sure that Fanvil C400/ C600 VOIP IP phone are designed for the highest standards with focus on customer needs and to further facilitate its adoption in the market.

Fanvil X5G Gigabit IP Phone with self-labeling function keys

Fanvil X5
Fanvil announced its new X5 IP telephone with an intelligent DSS Key-mapping LCD for enterprise market. X5 comes with complete enterprise features and interoperability with major platforms, such as, Asterisk, Broadsoft, 3CX, Elastix, etc.

The DSS Key-mapping LCD is designed with intelligence to support dynamic usage to substitute expansion modules.

There are 8 DSS keys corresponded to the LCD display to provide dynamic Line/DSS/BLF functions up to five pages at virtualized total 40 DSS keys. User may configure/customize each DSS key in each page.

Every DSS key has a LED indication in green, red, and yellow colors to reflect the key state. There is also one DSS event notification button to notify user whenever there is an event in other page(s).

 A page shortcut button is also designed to allow user to quickly switch between pages. X5 is the most economic choice for SMB office and enterprise supervisors.

Evolved from Fanvil’s C62/C66 enterprise IP phones, X5 pushes its high-end cost-effective enterprise IP phone to another level.

 X5 inherits all enterprise features from Fanvil’s C-Series enterprise phones, such as HD voice in handset, headset, and full-duplex speakerphone modes, PoE, Fast/Gigabit Ethernet, QoS, secure transmission, auto-provisioning, and more.

“X5 is a great office productivity appliance for enterprise users.” said Quark Li, VP of Product Development of Fanvil.

The old DSS key label is inconvenient and not environmental friendly. X5’s intelligent DSS Key-mapping LCD provides users the flexibility to change DSS key definition and display through easy configuration.

Meanwhile, with its intelligent design of the DSS key/LCD, it can be multiplied as expansion modules to save space and cost. X5 will provide the best user experience to advance enterprise users.”

Pricing and Availability
The X5 IP telephone will be generally available at our dayari technologies shop Nairobi Kenya. We are among the qualified Fanvil VoIP distribution in Kenya.

Fanvil X3 IP Phone comes with the revolutionary design concepts and elegant appearance.

Fanvil X3
Fanvil X3 IP telephone with elegant appearance and intelligent software suite for residential and enterprise market. The new X3 IP phone brings in brand new product concepts and strategies targeting broadening the deployment of IP phones.

Today’s consumers weight a product’s appearance as important as its functionalities. X3 is positioning to be not only a telephone siting on a user’s desktop for communication, but also a nice artwork in your living room or office.

Fanvil X3 will be shipped in three colors, black, white, and red, and two limited colors, blue and yellow. It also supports wall-mounting installation to fit into various environments.

Fanvil X3 supports two lines and HD voice to provide higher satisfaction of communication. A desktop phone, unlike a personal mobile phone, often serves among several users in a family or office.

Therefore, fanvil X3 brings in the concept of user profile which can store user’s individual accounts and preference up to five users. User can easily restore and clean up his/her profile by simple signing in/out on X3.

Call logs and phonebook are the most important tool of a telephone that users rely on to quickly locate a contact or call history. X3 learned from the smart phone and enhanced the intelligence of call logs and phonebook.

Fanvil is also planning to launch a cloud service to provide online phone software upgrade and a mobile app to synchronize user’s phonebook from his/her mobile phone to X3.

While network condition is unpredictable, fanvil X3 has this feature called QoS indication which shows the transmission quality of a call on the screen to acknowledge users the communication reliability like a cellphone.

There is more innovative design on fanvil X3 and it will definitely be the best desktop phone for users in the new era.

Fanvil X3 is designed as a telephone for everyone who lives in this Internet age.” said Quark Li, VP of Product Development of Fanvil, “We noticed that all existing IP telephones are designed from an IT professional’s perspective and emphasizing complex business functionalities but disregard the real needs of a user.

We put all our effort to make X3 the best IP telephone to serve everyone’s daily communication need. X3 will be the best choice of a new desktop telephone to be deployed for any location based communications.”

Pricing and Availability
The X3 IP telephone will be generally available at our Nairobi shop . We are Fanvil x3 VoIP distribution in kenya.

ABOUT dayari technologies.
Dayari Technologies, an established VoIP Desktop Phone developer and supplier and installer in Kenya.

We are recognized by the global demand for VoIP based telecommunication solutions and devices for small and medium sized business, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments.

We have grown into one of the Largest and most popularized used VoIP phone around the world. Fanvil is set to become a leading IP voice and video terminal manufacturer by providing the market with cost efficient and innovative IP voice and video products. Fanvil VoIP devices are always taking the advantage of clear timbre, rich function, excellent quality, perfect service and competitive price.