Fabricated Metal Gates Kenya

Fabricated Metal Gates Kenya

Fabricated Metal Gates Kenya

Price of Steel Fabricated Metal Gates in Kenya

The Complete Guide to the Cost and Price of Steel Fabricated Metal Gates in Kenya


Steel-fabricated metal gates have become an increasingly popular choice for property owners in Kenya, offering enhanced security, aesthetic appeal, and convenience.

However, the cost and price of these gates can vary significantly based on several factors, including gate size, design, and the type of steel material used.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the details of steel fabricated metal gates, exploring the factors that affect their cost and providing insights into the different gate designs available in the Kenyan market.

Fabricated Metal Gates Kenya
Fabricated Metal Gates Kenya 4

Factors Affecting the Cost of Steel Fabricated Metal Gates

Gate Size

Steel Gate Prices in Kenya per Size

Gate Size (width)Prices
2 metersSh.50,000-Sh.60,000
3 metersSh.75,000-Sh.200,000
4 metersSh.90,000-Sh.250,000
5 metersSh.200,000-Sh.500,000
Fabricated Metal Gates Kenya

One of the primary factors that determine the cost of steel fabricated metal gates is their size.

Taller gates, which provide better security and require more materials and labor, generally come at a higher price. Let’s explore the different price ranges for gates of varying heights and widths:

  • Short Steel Gates: The average cost of short steel gates in Kenya ranges from Sh.50,000 to Sh.80,000. These gates are ideal for standard residential properties and offer a cost-effective security solution.
  • Tall Steel Gates: Taller gates, ranging from Sh.80,000 to Sh.150,000 on average, are suitable for larger properties that require increased security measures. These gates often find application in industrial and high-value business settings.
  • Heavy-Duty Gates: If ultimate security is a priority, heavy-duty gates are an excellent option. These gates, designed for industrial and high-security environments, can cost Sh.200,000 to Sh.400,000 on average.

Gate Design

Fabricated Metal Gates Kenya

Steel gates come in various designs, each contributing to the overall cost. Let’s explore the three main gate designs and their corresponding price ranges:

a. Sliding Steel Gates: Sliding gates, with their smooth operation using wheels and rollers, offer a modern and stylish solution for properties.

The cost of a steel sliding gate in Kenya averages from Sh.100,000 to Sh.500,000. The gate’s size and the mode of opening, whether automated or manual, significantly influence the final cost.

b. Swing Steel Gates: Swing gates are a popular choice among Kenyan property owners due to their conventional design and ease of installation. A good quality swing gate, featuring durable steel and a high-quality coating, typically costs between Sh.55,000 and Sh.200,000. Automatic swing gates, which offer added convenience, can cost Sh.75,000 to Sh.200,000 on average.

c. Mini-Steel Gates: Mini-gates, designed to fit into compact spaces, offer security without compromising on aesthetics.

These gates are perfect for tiny houses with a wall fence and typically cost Sh.18,000 to Sh.25,000 on average.

Steel Material for Fabricated Metal Gates

The type of steel material used in the fabrication of the gate plays a vital role in determining its cost, strength, and longevity. Let’s explore the three main types of steel materials used and their respective price ranges:

a. Carbon Steel Gates: Carbon steel gates are the most affordable option, costing less than other types of steel. However, they are prone to corrosion due to the presence of carbon and other alloy elements. The average price of carbon steel gates ranges from Sh.50,000 to Sh.80,000.

b. Galvanized Steel Gates: Galvanized steel gates are slightly more expensive than carbon steel gates due to the added protective zinc coating. These gates are resistant to red rust, but they may be affected by white rust over time. The average cost of galvanized steel gates falls between Sh.80,000 and Sh.250,000.

c. Stainless Steel Gates: Stainless steel gates are the most durable and corrosion-resistant option, making them the most expensive. Their strength and long lifespan justify their higher price, ranging from Sh.200,000 to Sh.500,000 on average.

Gate Finishing

The gate finishing, particularly painting, also contributes to the overall cost. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Painted Gates: Gates with a paint finish come at a relatively higher cost. Hiring a painter for this task can add an additional charge of Sh.400 to Sh.1,000 on average, excluding the cost of paints. Oil paints offer better protection against corrosion, while water paints mainly enhance aesthetics.
  • Patterns and Designs: Gates with added patterns and intricate designs may incur additional charges, depending on the complexity of the design.

Cost of Installing Steel Fabricated Metal Gates in Kenya

Transportation Cost

Fabricated Metal Gates Kenya

Transporting the gate from the supplier to the installation location involves additional expenses. The cost of hiring a truck in Kenya for this purpose can range from Sh.30,000 to Sh.100,000 on average, depending on the gate’s weight, width, and size. Heavy-duty gates, due to their size and weight, may incur relatively higher transportation costs.

Cost of Hiring Labor

Professional labor is essential for the proper installation of steel fabricated metal gates. The cost of hiring labor for gate installation in Kenya ranges from Sh.20,000 to Sh.150,000 on average.

The gate’s size, complexity, and type (manual or automated) are significant factors that influence the labor charges. Installing automatic gates generally comes at a higher cost compared to manual gates, and setting up sliding gates may also be more expensive than swing gates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fabricated Metal Gates Kenya

In this section, we address common questions related to the cost and price of steel fabricated metal gates in Kenya:

  1. Are steel-fabricated metal gates expensive? Steel-fabricated metal gates can be relatively expensive, with costs varying based on gate size, design, and steel material used. Smaller gates made from carbon steel may cost as low as Sh.50,000, while larger stainless steel gates can reach prices of Sh.500,000.
  2. What is the cheapest type of gate? Swing gates are generally the more affordable option compared to sliding gates, mainly due to their simpler design and mechanics.
  3. Which gate costs more, iron or steel? Steel gates are typically more expensive than iron gates due to the higher value of steel material and its resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel gates are the most expensive due to their exceptional durability and corrosion resistance.
  4. How much does it cost to install a gate in Kenya? The average cost of gate installation in Kenya ranges from Sh.50,000 to Sh.250,000, depending on factors such as gate size, labor charges, and transportation costs.
  5. Which steel material is best for metal gates? Stainless steel is the most preferred material for metal gates due to its strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. While more expensive, stainless steel gates offer superior longevity.
  6. How much does it cost to buy a gate? The cost of buying a gate varies based on design, size, and materials. On average, a gate can cost between Sh.50,000 and Sh.500,000.
  7. How much is charged to build a gate? Building a gate can cost between Sh.20,000 and Sh.250,000 on average, depending on the gate type, size, and complexity of the design.


In conclusion, steel fabricated metal gates offer an excellent security and aesthetic solution for properties in Kenya.

The cost and price of these gates depend on various factors, including gate size, design, steel material used, and gate finishing.

The size and design of the gate influence material and labor costs, while the choice of steel material determines the gate’s strength and resistance to corrosion. Additionally, the type of gate, be it sliding, swing, or mini, affects the overall cost. By considering these factors and understanding the options available, property owners can make informed decisions when selecting the ideal steel fabricated metal gate for their specific needs.

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