BIOMETRIC SCHOOL ATTENDANCE SYSTEM,We are the leading retailer and installer of Bio-metric School Management Solutions in Kenya. Dayari technologies installs bio-metric school management systems at the most affordable prices.

The Bio-metric school attendance software that you can buy from us comes with all the software capabilities that enables it to collects needed bio-metric information. This bio-metric information is then collated attendance data.

 For example, think of a fingerprint scanner or even an iris reader that you may have seen in your school or office at ports of entry and exit. These are simply a type of bio-metric school attendance software that is already in your school.

 Gradually, due to more easily accessibility of technology as well as the growing student security needs, bio-metric student attendance software has become very popular in Kenya. They are really gaining a foothold and becoming more prevalent in our educational institutions like schools and colleges.

 The Bio-metric school attendance management software might seem like futuristic technologies upper end and for fancy school but they are becoming a must for school due to increasing security needs. To words this end, they are actually cost-effective and highly useful for all stakeholders in the educational ecosystem.

The Bio-metric school attendance systems relies on bio-metrics. This is the measuring of information based on human characteristics.

 This establishes a mechanism to track the attendance of everyone from teachers to staff to students thereby increasing human capital productivity. The BIO-METRIC SCHOOL ATTENDANCE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS is developed such that it starts by essentially tracking in real time every entry and exit of every person entering and leaving a building. It is arguably the most effective school attendance software on the market.


It can generally be argued that school essentially functions as a job for students. It certainly does for teachers. Because of this It is necessary that the very concept of attendance be treated with absolute seriously by all parties.

Previously, many schools have used devices like signing in at attendance registers. They also asked security or administrative personnel to confirm the attendance of teachers as well as students.

 Buy the bio-metric system and automate the data capturing, processing and reporting aspects which will greatly improve the security of the school. This become very essential due to the fact that they can be scaled to any extent.

Therefore, when school children are comings to school and going to any kind of event out of school or even going home their parents or guardian are notified via an auto generated SMS. The manual and old systems have been in use for so long due to the inaccessibility as well as the expensive nature of the technology.

However, has changed. In this day and age, bio-metric school attendance software is widely available, financially viable, and easily installed at your school. Call us today and buy this bio-metric school software at the most affordable price in Nairobi Kenya.

We have very qualified technicians who will install this system as well as train on how to use it. All this we do at no added cost. It is a fact of this generation that Schools and other educational institutions are where students and teachers spend most of their days.

Therefore, it is crucial that their data is captured by the use of bio-metric system. Establishing their whereabouts and accounting for each one of them is a vital security component that must never be under estimate. Therefore, in order to maintain a secure facility welcome and buy the zkteco k40 bio-metric reader together will all the other accessories and establish a robust bio-metric solution software for your school.

Relying on traditional methods like eyewitness accounts and self-sign ins is not feasible, especially when technology like bio-metric school attendance software is so highly accessible.


It is the imagination of many that the bio-metric school attendance software is only useful for truant students. But as we have established above, bio-metric school attendance does not just track student attendance.

This software enables the tracking and also the attendance and leaves of teachers and other non-education or administrative staff. This is a great contribution in aiding the management keep track of the daily functioning of the school easily and cost-effectively.

This therefore, helps them manage their bottom line. This is vital for management considering the financial setbacks and funding cuts that most schools and colleges face these days. Bio-metric school attendance software is thus useful to every single stakeholder in the educational ecosystem.


Many school and such like organizations will agree that Payroll processing is one of the most important, yet time-consuming and taxing functions in a school. Is it possible for bio metric school attendance software to help? Below you see a detailed discussion on how payroll processing has been simplified.

Thanks to the impact the right bio-metric school attendance software can make. Overall, these advantages help feel payroll processing software accurate information automatically.


When the bio-metric school attendance software is in use, there is no need to review archived tapes or attendance logs whatsoever. Instead, this bio-metric system will help the management know when teachers or non-education or administrative staff is entering and exiting the school in real time.

This is because the bio-metric school attendance software reads, stores, and shares entry and exit data in a matter of seconds. No lag time in the storage of attendance means that you know exactly where teachers or staff are at any given point of time.


It is possible for an attendance list to be faked or manipulated by malicious elements in the school ecosystem. Just like their students, sometimes teachers and staff can attempt to have someone sign in on their behalf in the traditional paper and pencil attendance register.

This therefore is made practically impossible with BIO-METRIC SCHOOL ATTENDANCE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS. This is because the bio-metric school attendance software reads bio-metric information that is unique to each human. Proxy attendance – a very huge student problem in Kenyan schools and colleges – is entirely eliminated by bio-metric school attendance software.

This reduction of fraudulent attendance reports is necessary for school, especially, who are constantly dealing with budget cuts and must pinch pennies where they can.


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