Best online Seo training course in Nairobi, Kenya

best seo training courses

Best online Seo training course in Nairobi, Kenya

 SEO Training Course in Nairobi, Kenya

There are now billions of People searching for products and services online with the goal of making a purchase.

Therefore, this makes the ability to optimize your content to rank on the internet one of the most important skills you can have today.

This is what is called Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) in short. The higher your site or business is on Google and other search engines, the more customer you will get.

When it comes to SEO, the quality of content you have produced and also how you conduct your keyword research are among the fundamental elements of sites that rank high on Google.

why is seo so important
why is seo so important

You must invest time and money to help your page to rank higher in the search results this is a very important goal for anyone serious about making money Online.

This is the reason it is important to acquire SEO knowledge and skill. It will be instrumental in creating content that ranks higher and is also useful to your users.

 If you want to learn SEO and its application, dayari skills center is the number one online training center.

We guide you on everything you will ever need to get started online. This is a practical skill you learn while doing what you are being trained.

Best Online SEO Course In nairobi kenya
Best Online SEO Course In nairobi kenya

By the time you finish the training, you will have your own website or e-commerce shop that is on its way to ranking on page one of Google.

 If you are a beginner, or you want improvement on-page or other SEO tactics, all towards getting better results online, dayari skills center has everything you will ever need.

This is the best place to get started with your SEO training, follow the link below to find out more about this comprehensive seo online training.

Best online Seo training course in Nairobi, Kenya
Best online Seo training course in Nairobi, Kenya

Important SEO element you should know about.

There are diverse technique and tactics all about Seo that you need you will need to know and develop prowess if you are going to enhance your online visibility

They include the following:

On-Page SEO

This is one of the two types of SEO. This a comprehensive process of optimizing different elements found inside your website dashboard. These are things that you have absolute control over.

Optimization technique as headings, title tags, and anchor text are optimized having your target customer in mind.

Other fundamental On-Page or internal SEO elements that you need to be well are of are URLs, Meta descriptions, content, title tags, and internal links.

There are other elements that do not have a huge impact on seo but should be considered nevertheless, they include navigation, design, and heading tags, which help with the optimization of your website.

The following are some of the benefits of internal SEO for your business:

It will enable you to simplify the website navigation so that it is more user-friendly

Proper on-page Seo impacts your website positively by using design so that it is more presentable to the user

It will enable you to produce quality content relevant to your potential customers

SEO Training Courses With 100% Practical Learning
SEO Training Courses With 100% Practical Learning

Off-page SEO and external SEO.

These are all the seo elements and activities that take place outside your website and online store.

 They are factors you cannot control directly. It majorly works by evaluating the reputation and relevancy that your site has elsewhere on the internet.

 The quality of backlinks that your website acquires over time, the geographical location of the person searching are some of the factors that impact how relevant results are served.

Local SEO

This type of SEO helps your website pages to rank when searches that relate to specific locations are conducted.

Local SEO contributes when it comes to obtaining results of searches that are conducted for cities, towns, or anything near you.

For example if you are a local business you can optimize for, local SEO so that you show up on Google search results when searches like SEO trainer near me, or SEO training near me is done.

This normally will apply for business that have a local or physical location or local availability.

The skills to create the kind of content that corresponds to your local area is a great way to rank for local business.

 You should include location-specific words in your content to see success when conducting this type of SEO. Learn everything about SEO from dayari skills center today.

Fundamentals of Keyword selection

These are the consideration that must be taken during keywords selection, they determine if you are going to rank on the first page of google:

  1. The total search volume, this is the number of people looking for a given product or service using a particular keyword.
  2. Therefore, the higher the number of people looking for a given keywords means you have bigger potential audience you could get if you ranked on SERPS.
  3. You must never do what is called keywords staffing, always ensure that the terms or keywords you employ are always relevant to the content you are delivering.
  4. It is so crucial that you understand the target audience and potential customer you want to get which then leads to the type of keywords you adopt to reach them.
  5. You should also take time to figure out what is it that your audience has interest in, that type of problems that they experience and also how well you can help them out.
  6. This is one of the best ways of finding the keyword you want to rank for and eventually maximizing your SEO objectives.

Technical SEO

 This are all the seo objectives and process that takes place at the back-end oy your website.

All the technical aspects and information on the back-end of your website that has an impact to the site ranking and better online visibility.

With technical seo, you can positively enhance the speed of your site, use responsive design, and update your text file. All this lead to better rankings online and increased profitably


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Best online Seo training course in Nairobi, Kenya

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