best inverters in Kenya

inveters in kenya

best inverters in Kenya

best inverters in Kenya,An inverter is a device that collects electricity and stores it in a battery, to be redeployed in times of power cuts.

Today, more and more Kenya are looking to inverters to solve their power backup needs. When buying an inverter, these are some of the things you should consider.

#1. Calculate your electrical load to choose the inverter capacity you need.

Inverters come in various sizes and have different capacities for different loads. That is why you need to make sure that the size of the inverter is powerful enough to manage the load, or total wattage, of your appliances. We have developed a tool that helps you calculate the load.

#2. Select the technology best suitable for your inverter

Pure Sine Wave Inverter: Sine Waves inverters are usually better suited to the needs of our appliances since they provide a purer electrical supply.

best inverters in Kenya

They are usually more expensive than square wave inverters – and with good reason – they are safer and make almost no noise.

Square wave inverters are more affordable; they produce square wave output which is not ideal for expensive electronic equipment, and usually make a little noise.

#3. Check how much backup time you will need.

You also need to consider the backup time you will need when getting an inverter. The length of time that an inverter will last depends on the battery size, as well as the total wattage of all the appliances it is carrying.

You can book an appointment with a Luminous expert to help you evaluate the battery size you need in your house.

Below are the different types of batteries available.

Tubular Wet Cell: This is the ideal battery for deep cycle usage with Luminous Inverters and Solar Home UPS. Designed exclusively for inverters and UPS, this is an excellent product that provides the longest duty life with minimal maintenance needs.

This battery is particularly suitable for use in areas with frequent power cuts. The recommendation is to go for Tubular as they last much longer.

SMF AGM: Deep Cycle SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) / VRLA Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries for backup applications, which although they are not perfect for inverters, do the job pretty well – without needing any maintenance whatsoever. We always recommend you choose a reputed brand, since there are many sub-par SMF batteries available in the market

SMF GEL: The SMF Gel batteries provide a good in-between option. They are usually much better than Standard VRLA batteries, utilizing specialized gel electrolyte to reduce negative plate sulfation in the battery, thus helping them to last longer.

They also have the added advantage of being maintenance free. Of course, this also usually means these batteries are more expensive than the Tubular or SMF ones.

For the longest lasting, most cost economical battery, we recommend Tubular.

Other Inverter Features to note

best inverters in Kenya

Apart from the essential functions mentioned earlier, such as the battery size, type of battery, backup time and battery technology, it is also important to know other features: which help distinguish better brands.

* Smart display of voltage range and power backup remaining.

* Overload protection which helps protect the inverter in case of heavier load.

* A full short circuit protection in case of a wrong electrical connections which could lead to electrical surge

* A miniature circuit breaker (MCB) which ensures the inverter is protected against overload and short circuit.

* Overcharging solutions, which ensure long battery life and provide long-lasting service for your needs.

* A quality charger as this helps to preserve the “service life” of the inverter.

Choose the brand with the Best Service Support

Customer support is a major consideration when you are deciding between brands. This will ensure that you get immediate support in case you face any challenges.

It will also ensure a professional manages your installation, maintenance or upgrading. Inverters are products that make your life easier, so why settle for a brand which doesn’t have good customer service.

Only a few brands in the market are serviced by the award-winning Simba Service customer care center. Luminous is one of them!

Below are some of the thing you need to check regarding the company you are buying an inverter from:

* Make sure they have many authorized installers and technicians spread nationwide, so that even if you move, or give away your old inverter when upgrading to a bigger one, you will never be left without anyone to repair your inverter.


best inverters in Kenya

Luminous Solar Hybrid UPS is a microcontroller based Pure Sine Wave hybrid UPS with high efficiency. It accepts hybrid charging from both solar and mains with priority to solar.

Luminous Solar Home UPS have all the required protection against high temperatures, short circuit and overloading.

It ensures lower battery charging time and maximum solar utilization. Luminous Solar UPS are available in the range of 850VA & 1500VA with inbuilt Charge Controllers with a wide choice of PV modules from 400Wp to 1000Wp.

ISOT Technology

NXG Solar UPS uses Intelligent Solar Optimization Technique (ISOT). Once the batteries get charged, it cuts off-grid power and supplies electricity through solar panels thus maximizing solar energy usage. This helps you save up to 3 units of electricity per day. Substantial money savings in the long run.

Fast charging i-Charge Technology

If there are long power cuts in your area, you can use the i-charge fast charging mode for charging batteries in a short time when grid power is available.

Note that when i-Charge is switched on, Power Saver Mode is deactivated, and the UPS takes higher charging current from the grid. To activate this mode, use the i-charge ON/OFF switch at the back.

ECO and UPS Mode

The NXG Solar UPS can run on two modes – UPS and ECO mode. UPS mode should be selected when the user wants to run computers. In the UPS mode, the system switches to battery backup if the mains voltage drops below 180 V.

Safety and Protection

Luminous NXG comes with many safety features built in. It continuously monitors the health of your batteries and protects them against deep discharge, overcharge and short-circuit. The Main fuse protects against excessive current thereby protecting your sensitive appliances.UPS and allows mains to be available without any wiring changes.

Pure Sine Wave

Its Pure Sine Wave output ensures safety and noiseless operation of connected appliances.


  • Intelligent logic control (simultaneous charging solar-mains with priority to solar)
  • Pure sine wave UPS with 85% efficiency
  • Intelligent Solar Optimization Technique (ISOT)
  • Inbuilt charge controller with 98% efficiency
  • Intelligent battery monitoring
  • Battery charging commences at 110Volt mains voltage
  • Equipped with battery type selection
  • Output for both AC as well as DC.
  • Battery safety – deep discharge protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, battery type selection
  • Pure sine wave UPS output
  • DC load O/P of 12V 20amp in 850VA and 12V 5Amp in 1500VA
  • Wide choice of panel: 400W to 1000W (500VA , 850VA & 1500VA)





Voltage (Input)



Max Bulb Load (Output)

685 Watt

1,200 Watt

Maximum Charging Current (battery)



Gross Weight (Kg.)



14.6Dimension LxWxH (cm)



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