Alarm System Installation Kenya

Alarm System Installation Kenya

Alarm System Installation Kenya,Alarm system solutions and installation in Nairobi Kenya. Most alarm system sold in Kenya come into two major categories Manual alarm system Automatic alarm systems MANUAL ALARM SYSTEM A manual alarm system wills normally consist of the following components and goes for about 18,000 KSH. 1 SIREN KIT 4000 2 PSU 6500 3 BATTERY 2000 4 PANIC BATTON 1000 5 ALARM CABLE 1500 6 INSTALLATION COST AUTOMATIC ALARM SYSTEM To have fully functional automatic system you will need the manual system above then add a few components to automate it. It will be important to first establish the number of zones that the alarm system is going to have. A zone can be said to be normally the areas that would be intruder would use to gain access to the facility normally they are doors and windows or even fence. To automate an alarm system you will need to have a control panel . The type of control panel used depends on the number of zones in premises. 8 zones 16 zones 32 zones 64 zones A panel will normally have a beypad and a box also called a control unit In the automation process each window in the zone will have the following A window vibration sensor 500 KSH Magnetic conta for the window 500 KSH Magnetic conta for the door 1000 KSH There will also be a motion sensor 1500 KSH Then the will be installation cost for the system. It will cost 10,000. types of fire alarm systemshow fire alarm system worksfire alarm system working principle manual fire alarm system requirementsfire alarm system componentsfire alarm system design manual call pointfire alarm control panel wiring diagramhome security systems kenya manual sliding gates in kenya

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