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Rapid penetration of technology into our day to day lives traditional way of authentication and verification won’t help us that much anymore.

Passwords and PINs are so feeble these days that even novice hackers can crack them and get away with our private, confidential data. So demand for a robust authentication method was there.

With the introduction of biometric security systems within the security industry have changed all these. Constant Network security breaches and identity thefts reports have now plummeted significantly. & why not as biometric security is the only way to prove a person’s authentic identity.

Biometric traits including fingerprints, finger veins, and iris are unique and inherent, and they are so distinct that they cannot be forged or stolen by the fraudulent.

For IoT or Internet of Things, many devices and platforms whether it is your car, home, personal computer or business servers, are getting connected at a rapid rate daily.

These devices or platforms communicate with each other regularly by sending and receiving data. It makes the system vulnerable to possible security breaches. Traditional passwords are not enough as they can be easily forged, copied or stolen.

It is a must that another form of security needed which is more sophisticated. In this scenario, the biometric security systems make perfect sense because it is less susceptible to hacking and authentication is a lot less clumsy than typing in a password over and over again into each device.

Passwords were never enough. Yes, it was the thing once, but with the advent of new technology, it has lost its way.

Even 2FA or two-factor authentication built on a weak foundation because there is still dependence on passwords. But many corporations believed it would be the answer to all the security breaches.

It never did. People still use the same familiar characters in setting up their passwords like common phrases or their birthdays. The outcome is that 2FA authentication security is not enough.

Additionally, 2FA authentication consumes a lot of time as one have to type their passwords and plug their hardware tokens into a device to enter an additional code. If anyhow the symbol gets stolen and falls into a wrong hand, they can easily access sensitive information.

Web API For Biometric Authentication

Simply connect to our Biometric API to perform fast 1: N Fingerprint/Finger-Vein/Iris Recognition.

Biometric security systems succeeded because it is less susceptible to hacking and cannot be forged or stolen whereas passwords, pins, tokens have failed miserably.

It is the most convenient and effective way of proving one’s identity. Many smartphones nowadays are using biometric fingerprint technology to lock, unlock, make secure payments, etc.

Similarly, companies are relinquishing the benefits of biometric security systems, by integrating into their server rooms, work computers, and other business assets to protect them from attacks.

Distinguishing authorized individuals to unauthorized is one of the main reasons companies are adopting biometric security systems. These unauthorized personnel can cause harm if they get access to security systems.

Additionally, for smooth workflow management companies need to know which employee has access to specific files, rooms, etc. Even companies want to learn about their onsite visitors and maneuver them to particular places by successfully tracking them.

These things are now only possible due to biometric systems. Using biometric scanners, organizations can view each time a server room or computer is accessed and know the person.

Passwords can be borrowed, and anyone can portray anybody if he/she has it. But fingerprint scanners will only allow the required person to allow access.

More companies & institutions are now embracing a biometric system for its convenience. Windows 10 marketed itself by showcasing biometric as an essential new feature added to its network.

It enables authorized authentication as well as makes the process of logging into OS much faster. Not only technology companies are adopting biometrics but also other institutions, government agencies are as well.

Stadiums, airports are implementing biometric scanners to allow visitors to sign in much faster than it was possible before. Users must be registered with the system beforehand.

The biometric security system is entirely a revolutionary breakthrough in identity management and becoming more accessible and affordable due to technological advancements.

Biometric system, eliminating frauds from our society and establishing proper identity, will continue to dominate the industry for a long, long time.

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Remember the times, when you used to buy those giant locks with massive keys to secure your houses? Or do you know how that was replaced by one central door key, which was too big to be kept inside your pocket?

It’s true that time flies, but the other side is also true that it flies with a lot of changes. Today, security systems have become less complex and more technology based.

With huge technological advancements in recent years, life has become simpler and less of a painstaking journey.

One of the best advancements is the ease in security systems provided by the invention of biometrics. This has become bliss for many businessmen and professionals cautious about their belongings.

However, do you think the usage of biometrics is limited for the business purposes only? Do you think the sophistication introduced in security systems is limited only for the people who can afford it?

Be it a businessman or a homeowner, anyone can use a biometric security system at a low price and save their personal content from intruders. Besides being inexpensive, the setup is convenient to use as well.

If you are still doubting biometric security systems, let’s talk about some advanced biometric techniques to help you decide whether your security system is already smart or, requires an upgrade.

1) DNA Biometric system

Each person is different, clearly explained by their DNA. Each individual’s DNA is different than any other person in the whole world. For recognizing the DNA of each person, the technology goes through extensive steps.

First, the system collects references through physical parts like hair, nail, blood or saliva. Afterwards, these samples are broken into small steps which consist of VNTR.

Eventually, each fragment is sorted before getting compared to different samples. Due to these exhausting steps and processes, DNA biometric systems are not used widely like other biometric systems.

2) Vein Recognition

Vein recognition (vascular biometrics) is one of the latest inventions in biometric security systems. We know veins help carry blood to the heart.

This biometric technique is unique as veins are inside the human body and this system works by transmitting near-infrared light via fingers and afterwards the camera records the vein patterns. The method makes use of pattern recognition to verify the authenticity of a user.

3) 2-D Barcode Scanner

2-D barcode is used to identify different products or items rather than humans. However, an amalgamation of biometric systems with 2-D barcode scanners helps in creating better and higher-level security level for identifying human beings.

This is widely used in scanning valid IDs like passports, voting cards and more with the individual’s fingerprints on them. The device is low in weight and installation is not complicated.

4) Facial Recognition

The name is good enough to tell you about this technology. This technology is widely used because of the ability to recognize an individual without them having any physical contact with a hardware device.

Cameras put on the doors scan your face and match that with the database. Besides, the hardware involved is not expensive.

The technology also synchronizes well with iris recognition and fingerprint identification systems. 3-D facial recognition is an rising trend where the system analyzes the relative body organs for a better authentication procedure.

5) Voice Recognition

Voice tract and accent are two factors that make every person’s voice unique. This technology is widely used in home security systems. These systems are less expensive and don’t demand heavy equipment.

Now the question that might pop up in your mind is about recording one’s voice and using it again and again. Well, these systems are smart and ask individuals to repeat few phrases to check if the voice is the same or not.

Information technology engineering has shown further growth by leaps and bounds and there are no second thoughts about it. Taking advantage of the same is the move that you should be making right now.

More advancement lead to more ways to corrupt them, thus clinging to the latest and the trusted is the best and the only option left. So, what action will you take now? Is your smart home security system smart enough or rather dumb?

John Trader is the Public Relations and Marketing Manager with M2SYS Technology, a recognized industry leader in biometric identity management technology.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA M2SYS Technology’s mission is to pioneer the high-tech industry by delivering long-term value to customers, employees and partners through continued innovation and excellence in all aspects of our business.

M2SYS continues to innovate, build and bring to market leading-edge biometrics solutions that revolutionize the industry and expand the applicability of biometrics technology in our marketplace.

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